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A CEO who puts people first

A CEO Who Puts People First | Dawn Taylor

Dawn Taylor


Dawn Taylor has worked in the HR consulting world most of her career which included HR consulting and talent acquisition. “The companies that I worked for only cared about their bottom line,” she says. “I wanted to create a company where the product, people felt nurtured and empowered I wanted to create a company that a person felt more equipped for employment and life than when they entered our doors.” She knew if she built a company and cared about the right things, the money would come, and it did.

Pinnacle Talent Acquisition (PTA) was born almost overnight. Dawn decided to go into business with a colleague that she had known and respected for a decade. Dawn brought her base of business along with skill and expertise and in less than a month the business had doubled on the Talent Acquisition division which she owned. “I wanted to have some knowledge of the finances, I had brought in the bulk of the clients yet was never allowed to see a bank statement, my name was not on the bank accounts etc.,” she shares. “When I started to press for information, I received a call that I had a week to create a company and move my employees before the next payroll, the company money was frozen until accountants could come in.”PTA was formed in 24 hours despite the hardship that Dawn was left in and she has been growing and expanding ever since.

Today, Dawn has been named Woman Entrepreneur of the year by the Maryland Women in Business Center and by the Maryland General Assembly. PTA lends its name and voice to such causes as civil rights, mental health awareness, community outreach, and women empowerment movements just to name a few. “I feel that as a leader we must give, teach and be a voice. We have a platform; we have a following. Being a leader is a responsibility and not just to the people that work for you,” says Dawn.

Empowering Women

Dawn has been an advocate and a steadfast leader who has been engaged in empowering women in the workplace and strengthening the State and County’s economy. Her undeterred dedication to the staffing and human resources consulting industry where she has amassed not only a large network but also, life changing, and life affirming relationships has been pioneering. Dawn has been responsible for many people finding the job of their dreams and securing their future. She has helped numerous companies acquire top-notch talent along with ensuring companies continued growth via human resources consulting and outsourcing.  PTA is an extension of an organization’s staff, assisting with a myriad of human resources initiatives.

Dawn and her colleagues have helped non-profit and for-profit entities throughout the region with on site, virtual and project based human resources consulting.  She is committed to delivering a personalized, authentic service where communication is at the heart of everything PTA does.  Dawn’s life is a superior example to the everyday woman working to better their communities as they grow their businesses, all the while contributing immensely towards the growth of those who are struggling otherwise.

Dawn states, “Women entrepreneurs face immense difficulties managing work and family, along with competing in a world that does not recognize our leadership in this arena.  For over a decade, women are starting companies faster than our male counter parts.  However, funding, loans and support are not readily available.  Consequently, we need the assistance of Maryland Women’s Business, The Small Business Administration and others that has made a difference in all areas of women in business.”


A CEO Who Puts People First | Dawn Taylor

Building the Future

Dawn believes that diversity in the workplace is important to the overall health, welfare, and culture of an organization. Great companies understand not only the compliance piece to DE&I but also, having a diverse workforce at all levels in a company will garner better outcomes in all areas of that company’s mission. “It has always puzzled me when DE&I is not at the top of the list when it comes to workplace culture. After the death of George Floyd, the concern for DE&I rose rampantly. We do not live in a society with just one type of individual so why should a company’s employee landscape be such?” She adds, “It saddens me that it took a black man being killed while we watched to make DE&I along with examining cultural biases a priority. Most companies have a long way to go in this area says Dawn.

 I had a client for a year think that I was white due to the way I spoke over the phone, Dawn says. This was the days before Zoom or Skype. He asked me to send a “ me or a you” for a job that I was filling for him. I asked him what he meant by that? He said “someone white”. I decided to go to his office to introduce myself big hair dark skin and all. I sat for 2 hours, I saw him walk up to the reception area a few times, I thought that was who I was meeting but I wasn’t sure. The last time he came into the reception area, he told the receptionist, “If Dawn Taylor finally shows, send her away, my time is valuable!” The receptionist said,

“Dawn has been sitting across from me for the last two hours.” Needless to say, we had a very long conversation with regards to bias. We as Black women and men aren’t asking for anything but what is fair and equitable, and It is up to the Senior Leadership Teams to get behind the movement and stay behind it.” Dawn adds, “Minorities will not accept “we are sorry” any longer. Now more than ever, there needs to be immense action behind those words”

As the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic stretches on, and the measures taken to slow the spread of the coronavirus have been devastating to the economy, and especially to associations that rely heavily on revenue from in-person events. As meetings have ground to a halt, many associations are considering some tough decisions about how to survive financially. Throwing light on the present pandemic and throwing light on the management employee relationship Dawn says, “the mindset of some leaders needs to change. For the better part of 5 months, employees have been working from home. That is the new normal.” Says Dawn With. COVID-19 rates are still rising, with no end in sight. The work from home strategy is the best strategy. “As companies re-open, leadership must think outside of the norm with regards to the safety of their employees.”

What remains important

“My late mother always told me to lead with love in everything that you do,” says Dawn. What remains are people, people living, people overcoming great obstacles, people with dreams, goals, and desires. I wake up every morning, excited that my gift is to help others, whether it be assisting people to get a job to put food on their table or the job of their dreams, coaching someone to be better, to do better or assisting a company in tackling the many diverse needs via training, HR consulting or one on one support. At the end of the day, my heart is full, and my smile is broad because PTA helped someone’s life change for the better. 

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For additional information on Dawn Taylor or her company, visit her  Website:

Dawn Taylor award

“ Leaders should also be coaches and mentors. I genuinely want the best for people and will help them achieve that. People are any company’s best asset and growing people is the best gift that we can give to the world. ”

Dawn Taylor


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