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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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The pandemic has caused many different companies to go out of business because they could not keep up with the costs. Books such as Eric Ries's Lean Startup can help you maintain a growth mindset while using limited resources.  Moving forward, leaders will have to keep these strategies in mind, as there are a variety of things that could happen at any time -- besides a pandemic -- that could disrupt a business. Being lean can allow leaders to survive the downturns. But, when it's time, leaders should invest in the right growth opportunities.  The world's unpredictability is here to stay. And so is the success of leaders who adjust their leadership style accordingly, learning as they go.  These CEOs have not only transformed their lives but also the organizations they are leading, and the lives of all those who surround them. Our editorial team is continuously putting together articles that present the views and ideologies of all the great game-changers. Each edition of ours features iconic leaders who are responsible for taking their organization to new heights, all the while bringing together a group of talented individuals. The magazine showcases how these leaders have culminated into who they are, and they share their advice for all those budding entrepreneurs who want to change the world!

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