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A Fearless Leader | Garcia Hanson-Francis

Garcia Hanson-Francis


Garcia Hanson-Francis is the owner of CADJPro Payroll Solutions. A business payroll, virtual outsourcing, and bookkeeping business. Garcia recently joined BACD’s Expert Network, and as such, we want to share their expertise with you. Her qualities include problem-solving, proficiency with industry software, communication with clients and employees.

“Most people don’t know that I work behind the scenes like a back-office person and that gives the idea that I am not upfront and pushy and sometimes business owners see that as a setback to do work with me.  decision,” says Garcia.

I am passionate about payroll and I enjoy connecting with all businesses but I won’t push to make a decision,” says Garcia.

Garcia has spent over a decade in the industry, perfecting her skills and understanding the intricacies of small business pay before launching a business of her own. CADJPro strictly operates under Canadian payroll laws to ensure accuracy and reliability, and proper certification is key when hiring our payroll professionals. The company is a privately owned, female-run business to help other businesses run smoothly and efficiently through virtual payroll.

According to Garcia, “It is a fundamental human right that every single person gets paid properly for their hard work.

From over a decade of experience working in human resources, payroll, benefits, and accounting, I have seen time and time again the importance of both the trust between employee and employer and the necessity for a smooth payment process within a company.

A trusting and efficient work environment is critical for any functioning business.

That’s where the idea of CADJPro came from.

At CADJPro, we value honesty, tolerance, and transparency between every client and employee. They have a vision for unproblematic and error-free payroll systems that help businesses operate as usual by offering virtual outsourcing and constant contact.

From helping small businesses get off the ground to supporting female entrepreneurs, we are dedicated to strengthening the trust between employer and employee while implementing a stress-free payment process.

Payroll doesn’t have to be hard; reach out to my experienced team of passionate helpers to ensure that your business runs smoothly.”

Overcoming Barriers & Becoming a Mentor

Garcia had to overcome numerous obstacles to culminate into today’s leader. From financial support, balancing responsibilities, inadequate support system, timidity- shy about touting her accomplishment and being afraid of being labeled as proud and boastful! But she successfully overcame them and made a mark in the industry.

“I participate in mentoring women who are in up-and-coming business, I celebrate and acknowledge other female owners accomplishments and I help other female owners to get started with their business. I also buy products made by women to help financially,” explains Garcia. “I acknowledge their strengths and potential contributions. Wherever I see weakness I work with team members to empower them and help them grow away from the weakness.”

The steadfast leader is still looking for ways to be more successful. It took years for her to go to school, work for different organizations, and participate in workshops to understand failures. “Advice to share is don’t give up, it looks hard and no one can stop you but God and yourself. You are who you make yourself to be, not what others think or say about you,” elucidates Garcia. Armed with this willpower, she has taken the company to new heights.

Providing Exceptional Services

CADJPro helps business owners maneuver the economic complexities of running payroll and remain compliant while avoiding the intricacies involved. Their focus is to provide a positive experience, error-free payroll, thereby allowing organizations to focus on what they do best!

CADJPRO’s core values are Efficiency, Reliability, and Accuracy. They want to make sure your employees are paid correctly and on time, every time. Their clients tell CADJPRO that they “take care of it.” They are reliable, and their expert team is known for being accurate – a crucial factor in payroll!

When clients outsource to CADJPro Payroll Solutions, they take the right step to reduce processing, minimize payroll errors and streamline their operational processes.

The company provides a positive experience, error-free payroll, allowing organizations to focus on their day-to-day business and enjoy fewer employee complaints about incorrect payroll. They take pride in their work. “We analyze every client’s situation and see what stage they are at, and we don’t just set up their payroll and leave them. Before every pay run authorization is done to triple check any known errors. To provide error free payroll, we don’t try to be right, we apply the rules and we assess and we follow up,” adds Garcia.

Payroll processing requires professional payroll experts and their time which can be very costly. CADJPro Payroll Solutions allows clients to keep their current software or implement a new system and manage their payroll virtually. CADJPro allows organizations to bring their administrative payroll task through an agreement while the company can stay fully operational in the ever-changing “expanding economy.”

The services being offered include:

  • Virtual Payroll Outsourcing
  • Employee Benefits
  • HR Services
  • Year-End & Personal Services
  • Workers Compensation

When clients outsource to CADJPro payroll, you take the right step to reduce processing, minimize payroll errors and streamline their operational processes. Outsourcing services include:

  • Setting up new hires, Terminations, Leave of Absence, etc.
  • Direct Deposit and electronic pay statements for employees
  • Payroll calculations, cheque printing, remittances to external agencies and delivery of client reports
  • Processing of Federal/ Support payments, external garnishment and remittance to third party vendors
  • Management report processing
  • General Ledger uploads and payroll account reconciliations
  • Administration of rejected and replacement cheques, stop payment procedures and earning & deduction codes update

They provide many cycles and year-end services once the payroll is processed. These services include:

  • Full online access to your payroll software, EFT deposits, custom & standardized reports and service charges
  • Payroll register displaying employee earnings & deduction breakdown
  • Job Costing report if applicable
  • Payroll Processing calendar
  • Remittance details for employee and employer taxes to be remitted
  • Payroll Audit Administration if applicable

Year-End Services

  • Pension Adjustments
  • T4’s and RL’s
  • WSIB, CSST, EHT reconciliation

Benefit Services

  • Process and maintain employee benefit coverage changes
  • Administer applicable payroll deductions
  • Monthly Billing payment submission to vendor
  • Employee benefits analysis quotes

For the company, the biggest achievement has been winning the award for payroll ByBlacks in the accounting category and being recognized as a company that spends the time to volunteer and help out in the community.

For the company’s future, Garcia plans to launch more automated services, grow the client base and hire more employees. “As for myself I plan to focus on building a great team, grow more educationally and empower females.”

" I am passionate about payroll and I enjoy connecting with all businesses but I won’t push to make a decision. "

Garcia Hanson-Francis


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