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A Genius Philanthropist | Luthais McCash

A Genius Philanthropist | Luthais McCash

Luthais McCash

Chief Executive & Scientific Officer

Luthais McCash recently became a household name when the young mathematics academic came into the limelight for his early work and conference lecture at 16 years old in the field of mathematical biology. Luthais is currently Chief Scientific Officer at Sigma Solutions, a mathematical modelling computational simulation consultancy based in London. Previously, he was an Honorary Fellow at the University of Leicester and is a research collaborator with OCIAM, Oxford. His current academic work is conducted at UEA. He holds a number of Reviewer and Editorial responsibilities and is a Fellow and Member of RSS, IOP, IMA. He was previously Lead Scientist at a challenger energy company.

The now 27-year-old started out in mathematical biology at the University of Dundee, and his first academic paper, looking at how to model the spread of cancer, was published at the age of 16. All throughout his life, the gifted pioneer has taken it upon himself to provide the most innovative solutions to the most pressing problems. For Luthais, his mission and vision have been to solve the most compelling issues by incorporating logic and his mathematical genius.

Hailed as the “Young Einstein” he has also been labelled as the “Gene Genius”. Luthais says to KentLive that he has warned that the country would leave lockdown too early on various podcasts, resulting in a cycle of virus resurgences lasting at least two years.

The inception of A New Era

The young genius has incorporated Sigma Solutions, which believes in innovative solutions to complex problems; solutions that consider the dynamic and multi-faceted factors that drive success or failure. That’s why Luthais and his team designs and build business solutions that provide insight and analysis for the real world.

The team offers everything from data analytics to particle physics because they have a unique consultancy offering advanced knowledge, capability, and experience across both technology and science. Alongside they provide a unique customer journey where they work with clients hand-in-hand to solve problems, keeping clients involved every step of the way and building their tools that will be rapidly usable in their business.

The company’s unique consulting services cover a plethora of services whose specialities include mathematical modelling and simulation, statistical modelling, operational research and advanced optimisation. However, Luthais makes it a point that they offer a complete package and incorporate their technical and scientific expertise in their build solutions.

The steadfast leader has made it a point to bring together a team of highly experienced doctoral-level consultants with experience in various industries, from oil & gas to retail and hospitality. The team’s advanced technical and practical skills enable us to efficiently and effectively deploy results using agile development methodology; providing frequent progress updates and rapid turn around in prototyping models, ultimately getting MVPs and finished products to you faster.

Luthais acknowledges that whilst their work originates in science, our team have a range of interdisciplinary expertise to apply methods ranging from mathematical modelling and computational simulation to decision making strategy and optimisation to solve real-world problems in almost any context.

A Brilliant Leader

Luthais was recently recognized for the second year in a row by the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) as a Fellow of the RSS.

Founded in 1834, the RSS is one of the world’s leading organizations advocating for the importance of statistics and data. They have more than 10,000 members in the UK and across the world, and they advocate for the key role of statistics and data in society, including policy formulation and informed decision making informed by evidence, for the public good.

Luthais was first conferred an RSS fellow in May 2020 for his novel work on advanced modelling and optimization in the energy sector, particularly focusing on energy modelling and predictive algorithms.

He crafted, implemented, and deployed solutions revolutionizing LNG’s trading and efficient delivery by lowering cost 10x. He optimized LNG delivery networks to meet demand during the UK’s 2019 “Beast from the East” storm to ensure fuel was available for power generation and ensure, through better network management, that costs were maintained at reasonable levels or, in some cases, reduced.

He has been re-elected a Fellow of the RSS in June 2021, and he has also been an Honorary Fellow at the University of Leicester from 2019-2021.

This accolade for Sigma Solutions management is a great honor, particularly from a Society with a Royal Charter. Luthais and his team has been hailed to take an active interest in the work they do bottom-up and maintain the highest standards to apply the most relevant statistical methods, models, and technologies to solve a wide variety of challenges. They believe this recognition reinforces their approach to maintain high levels of technical oversight of their projects, offering a unique multidisciplinary service and drawing from the world’s leading expertise to build truly innovative solutions for their clients.

Before Sigma Solutions, Luthais was an industrial leading consultant in the energy, technology and R&D sectors advising on strategy, operational integrity and growth. In 2022 he is consulting for MeiXter, a tech based app platform pulling together students and teachers in a vibrant community allowing them to learn and develop from each other. MeiXter CEO, Alejandra Carreño Garzon stated, “We are excited about the new year to come for MeiXter LTD and our team, even more as we welcome our new management team member, Luthais McCash, in his role managing Operations and Strategy for MeiXter. He has experience building companies and growing them with substantial operations and strategy experience, as well as developing new technologies. His experience with raising investment will also come to play an important role as MeiXter LTD enters a new stage with the platform now LIVE on app and Web. Luthais McCash comes with a relational background that will help in creating partnerships, and a scientific mind with his Mathematical Physicist expertise that will compliment MeiXter’s innovation vision.”

Perviously he was a shareholder and Chief Research Officer overseeing scientific R&D for Exosuit Ltd, a sports garment company. Luthais gave up his role in November 2021 and will no longer be a shareholder in due course. “Unfortunately Co-Founder and criminal barrister Jamas Hodivala and newly appointed CEO and ex-criciter Matthew Prior decided to close down Exosuit Ltd wiping out all minority shareholders and then start again trading under the name ES Sports Group Ltd. The clear shafting of minority shareholders and refusal to return their investment, only to incorporate new companies without them is a clear ethical and moral position that I would not want to be associated with. It’s a shame that this level of financial greed and corruption exists in business and that people in senior positions can get away with such immoral behaviour. I couldn’t work for a business that clearly shafts their shareholders.”

Luthais is also a philanthropist. He has made serval charitable donations in 2021, and is a major investor of £7.5M into a new organisation pioneering active cooling, wearable technology, energy generation and astrobiology. He is also extending his business portfolio and has put in an offer to purchase a UK base space travel company in 2022.

He has been known to guide students and budding leaders towards greener pastures. Not only that, he has made it a point to absolve all the students who have shown excellence and hard work while pursuing their education under his aegis. “I feel that every student needs to be given a chance to show their true potential and capabilities in the best of environment. I believe in giving every student a chance to change the world and bring forth the solutions they want to share with everyone,” explains Luthais. “There are great potentials out there, we just need to recognize them and give them a platform to empower themselves and others.” Luthais is in discussions with Professor Chris Atkin, Head of the School of Engineering at the University of East Anglia regarding a multi-million pound investment into research and innovation in the School.

Luthais McCash Award

“Hailed as the “Young Einstein” he has also been labelled as the “Gene Genius”.”

Luthais McCash

Chief Executive & Scientific Officer of Sigma Solutions

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