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A Leader in Unrivalled Security | Joseph McGee

Joseph McGee


Following a distinguished Law Enforcement career Joe McGee founded The Securitatem Group to provide contemporary global operational specialist security and specialist security training products and services for private clients, corporate organisations, and Government bodies. They deliver a wide range of services, including complete end-to-end protection packages, close protection, residential security, protection drivers, and online and physical installations. They provide covert and overt investigations and specialist surveillance services with a Broad range of weapons and tactical-based training, including conflict management, risk and threat management, tactical training, tactical medicine, and command and control training.

The services offered are credibly built on his extensive and impressive range of experiences as a Police Specialist Firearms Officer. A skilled Close Protection Officer, having been deployed numerous times to protect members of the Royal Family, Senior Cabinet Ministers, and Foreign Heads of State. Head hunted to join the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency as a Firearms Instructor. He led the training and operational deployment of armed surveillance teams tackling organised armed criminals. A senior Tactical Advisor, he has been advising on the most complex operations to ensure successful outcomes and public protection. His portfolio included leading the delivery of training to staff deployed in hostile environments. He deployed numerous times to countries such as Afghanistan, Columbia, and Trinidad and Tobago.

“My founding ambition and belief is that we can deliver the highest of public service standards tailored to private sector clients. All activity underpinned by the company values which are built on traditional heraldic principles enshrined in the company logo, including honour, valour, and integrity,” says Joseph. “We work with a philosophy of determination with a passion for success, promoting professionalism through the pursuit of knowledge, within a culture to act with drive, courage, and innovation. A place that inspires staff, partners, and clients to freely communicate honestly and transparently contributing safe in the knowledge that all are treated with dignity and respect. These are the foundations on which we are building our company.”

Becoming A Leader

In Joseph’s view, leadership is both simple and complex.

Simple, in that you must be yourself – leadership delivered with a natural style; although he prefers the term natural, the contemporary word is authentic. Anything less, and people will see through as fake, insincere, and untrustworthy. “Consistent behaviors are important. If people see you grumpy one day and happy the next then that starts to erode confidence and trust, making you unapproachable, which as a leader you cannot afford to be,” explains the steadfast leader. “Always do the right thing, be prepared when appropriate to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in and be that role model that people want in their leaders or aspire to be like. If you get things wrong, apologise where necessary, and move on, don’t be dogmatic if a change of direction is required do it, and don’t let stubbornness or pride get the better of you, those are some of the simple things.”

Complex, in that the greatest asset one will rely on are people, staff, partners, and clients. Human relationships are varied, nuanced, and very complex. People come with different needs, aspirations, motivations, cultures, experiences, and abilities. “To deliver on leadership you must have a crystal-clear vision of what it is you want to achieve, whether that’s the company’s strategic aims or a set of operational tasks, if you don’t know where you or the organisation you lead are going how can you expect anyone else to know?” he states. “The ability to communicate those goals, aims, or tasks, is vital. As a trainer, I know that people don’t absorb information at the same rate or use the same mediums, so you have to have the patience to reinforce at every opportunity and with various styles, methods, and tools. If you are not motivated and enthusiastic to do so, then how can you expect others to be?”

The Securitatem Group’s USP, which makes them stand out, remains “the will do attitude,” delivery of outstanding service, reaching back into our former public service backgrounds to ensure they deliver to the highest of ethical bars with integrity and transparency while offering value for money. Providing all the staff with a clear understanding of what makes them stand out from the crowd to win business and getting that level of service across the company will keep their competitive edge.

Building A Brand

Working in the Global security sector means that the state of Global politics inevitably affects The Securitatem Group’s clients and how they operate. The changes in the economy affect not only the decisions that clients make regarding being proactive and reactive in risk management but also how it affects everyone as a business while still maintaining a bottom-line profit and dealing with increases in staff salaries for the change in the cost of living.

Technology is the golden thread that provides a modern security business like the Securitatem Group with smart tools to deliver unrivaled safety through security for its clients. Whether it is cutting edge Artificial Intelligence built into security peripherals such as alarms, CCTV, and access control, tracking devices and technologies to provide additional comfort for the clients and their assets and possessions, or new digital tools to test and vet for insider threats all are getting smarter, faster, smaller with more power and utility.

As a relatively young company, The Securitatem Group is fortunate not to have an analogue legacy, so incorporating new digital best practices is relatively straightforward. Joseph and his team have a professional and personal fascination with technology and therefore are early adopters. They recognise that digital capabilities change frequently, and many encompass emerging and ongoing threats. Hence, they invested in environmental scanning, using many available private and government resources and bespoke targeted OSINT to ensure the client threat and risk assessment adapts and controls any new risk they may face.

“For the future, we have a very detailed business plan but at high level are focused on developing further with continued expansion within a niche market, gaining market share by providing bespoke services to clients which delivers the highest quality of service available using a network of highly experienced and talented staff,” elucidates Joseph. “Business growth to form a group of security companies that complement and support the brand and current services on offer. Ongoing investment in recruitment, training and retention of a loyal diverse workforce who can deliver the bespoke high-quality service levels aspired to by the company, develop the infrastructure and support mechanisms able to underpin the vision and company goals.”

" We work with a philosophy of determination with a passion for success, promoting professionalism through the pursuit of knowledge, within a culture to act with drive, courage, and innovation. "

Joseph McGee


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