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A Leader’s role in Resilience

A Leader’s role in Resilience

Having strong attitudes toward challenges that are viewed as threatening is what makes someone resilient. The more resilient the mindset, the more probable it is that the person will take a “will do” approach to accepting the problem and successfully resolving it. There are no demanding and difficult situations or behaviors for which resilience is necessary, thus the emphasis for leaders is on minimizing the need for their staff to use it. 

The tone, the atmosphere, and the expectations for the workforce are set by leaders at all levels of the organization. They are in charge of the controlled environment we refer to as the workplace. They have a lot of influence over other people. They can prevent their teams from having to rely on their own resiliency. It comes down to attitude and actionable knowledge.

The idea is that if a leader is aware of the psychological factors that contribute to resilience, they may teach their members stress-reduction and resilience-building practices. More significantly, they will use procedures and methods to make sure that their employees rarely need to use their own resilience in the first place.

Here are five ways leaders can strengthen the resilience of their workforce:

  1. To avoid the situations and actions that could cause distress in other people and call for resilience.
  2. To encourage people to become more resilient by exposing them to a variety of challenging and growth-promoting experiences. This helps people build up a collection of experiences that they can draw from if similar situations arise in the future.
  3. To create an environment at work that encourages people to continually perform at their best.
  4. To act and behave in a way that fosters a strong, favorable perception of you among your staff.
  5. Offer courses and programmes to help people develop their own resilience.

The goal of leaders is to make each person embody Mowbray’s Mantra, which calls for people to feel engaged, motivated, and empowered at work.

The working environment that encourages employees to feel psychologically healthy and capable of overcoming difficult and stressful events and behaviors without experiencing any decline in their performance will have been produced by leaders if they are able to accomplish these in their workforce.

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