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A new era for A.I. and Google Workspace has made Gmail run quicker than before

June 5, 2023: According to Google, Digging for an old email containing guidelines from your boss, your mate’s address, or your fly rewards number will be much more comfortable.

On Friday, the company announced an A.I. update for Gmail; over the following 15 days, end users will begin to see “top results” when they search their inboxes, featured above the “all results” section. The new category is fueled by Google’s machine learning models, which will analyze the search term, most recent emails, and “other relevant factors” to determine which messages best match the question.

The report is recent in a line of strategic changes for the email service, including a controversial update to the inactive account policy in May: Once a Google account has not been used in two years, the company may delete the account, including all its content and data.

In February, Google completed the rollout of its new Gmail interface for every user, which featured a redesign and emphasis on the company’s other productivity tools.

The strategic shifts likely align with Google’s recent cost-cutting measures and CEO Sundar Pichai’s plans to make the company “20% more productive.” On Alphabet’s latest earnings call, executives discussed their plans to allocate resources to areas including A.I. and search. Business chief Philipp Schindler emphasized the “ability of Search to surface demand and deliver a measurable ROI in an uncertain environment.”

In a blog post, Google called the feature “highly requested” and wrote that it would be available to all account holders and customers.

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