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A new Graphic video of the riot shown as ex-president called 'inciter in chief'

A new Graphic video of the riot shown

February 12, 2021: A new dramatic and graphic video of the riot has been shown to the senators at Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial.

Video footage showed police getting engaged in hand-to-hand clashes with rioters and pleading for support desperately.

A two-thirds majority must convict Mr. Trump in the evenly split 100-seat Senate. Still, an acquittal looks likely as the vast majority of Republican senators have remained loyal to him by now.

However, he could be barred from holding office again if convicted.

The building was stormed after thousands gathered supporting claims that were false that denied Trump’s victory in the November presidential election.

The newly released security footage showed the way rioters, including some in body armor, breached the building violently and sought out those who had gathered to certify the results of the election.

In frenzied audio, security officials were heard describing how weapons are being used by the crowd like bats and tear gas against them.

Republican senator and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney were seen in a clip, walking towards the rioters before being ushered to Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman’s safety.

Another video consisted of Vice-President Mike Pence and his family being evacuated in between the chants by the people to “hang” him for refusing to object to certifying the result.

Staffers of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were heard whispering in hiding as rioters breached her office and shouted: “Where are you, Nancy.”

In Graphic mobile phone footage, a Trump supporter was shown being shot dead while trying to enter the House of Representatives’ lobby. In another video, a riot police officer screaming out in pain as he was crushed in a doorway by the mob.

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