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A New Peru president was displayed, and prototype Castillo was charged

A New Peru president was displayed, and prototype Castillo was charged

December 13, 2022: -On Wednesday, Peru declared a new president following a day of political drama that expressed leftist leader Pedro Castillo is being arrested following his ousting from office in an impeachment attempt following his previous-ditch bid to cling to energy by dissolving Congress.

Ignoring Castillo’s attempt is shutting down the legislature by decree, lawmakers moved ahead with a planned impeachment trial, with 101 votes in favour to remove him, six against and ten abstentions.

The result was stated to loud cheers, and the legislature, known as Vice President Dina Boluarte, got into office.

The 60-year-old Boluarte was declared president through 2026, making her the initial woman to lead Peru. She is calling for a political truce following months of instability, which include two prior impeachment attempts, and added a recent cabinet inclusive of all political stripes would have been formed.

She lambasted Castillo’s moving to dissolve Congress as an “attempted coup.”

On Wednesday, the public ministry said that Castillo had been detained and accused of “rebellion” and “conspiracy” for harming the constitutional order.

Television outlets express Castillo, which left a police station and reported he would be transferred to a police-run prison.

Castillo had said he would temporarily shut Congress, launch an “administration of exception,” and call for recent legislative elections.

His ministers resigned amid angry accusations from opposition politicians and his allies that attempted a coup. The police and armed forces warned about his route to try to dissolve Congress, and the police added that they had “intervened” to fulfil their duties.

A few small street protests are taking place. In Lima, many people waving Peruvian flags are cheering Castillo’s downfall, while elsewhere in the capital and Arequipa city, his supporters are being marched and clashing with police. One held a sign stating, “Pedro, the people are with you.”

Dozens of police officers with protection and plastic helmets were deployed all over the Government Palace and Congress in Lima, surrounded by metal barricades.

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