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A recent surge of resignations slams Twitter after Musk's injunction

A recent surge of resignations slams Twitter after Musk's injunction

November 21, 2022: -On Thursday, a renewed wave of Twitter employees resigned after Elon Musk issued an injunction which told them they would need to be willing to attempt a “hardcore” work environment.

Internal Slack messages were shared with engineers and other employees who posted goodbye messages to a “watercooler” chat group during the 5 p.m. Thursday deadline that Musk set just a day earlier.

Hundreds of salutes streamed by, along with dozens of goodbye messages.

It was not many Twitter employees resigned. Three Twitter employees who spoke asked to remain nameless, citing fear of professional retaliation. All three were planning to leave on Thursday.

“The train has begun in #social-watercooler,” one of the employees said, which refers to a Slack room that Twitter employees have been using in latest weeks to notify others that they are leaving.

On Wednesday, Musk sent a companywide email which tells employees to expect “long hours at high intensity” wanting to stay. He said they had until 5 p.m. on Thursday to decide.

On Thursday, Musk followed that up with emails that added managers must meet with employees in person every year or at least monthly and that managers could be fired to permit employees to work remotely if those employees do not prove to be “excellent” or “exceptional.”

Musk has asked a few top engineers who opted to resign to consider staying on, according to one Twitter engineer related to the situation.

The recent wave of resignations adds to a combined mass layoff and voluntary departure from Twitter, leaving the company significantly less than when Musk first took over in late October.

One engineer said resignations had hit essential parts of the company’s engineering operation.

“Entire teams which represent critical infrastructure are voluntarily departing the company, which leaves the company at serious risk of being able to recover,” the engineer said they were handing in their resignation on Thursday.

The engineer added that many leaving Twitter did not feel the need to stay and only knew of two people to stay, one because the company sponsored their U.S. visa.

“We are skilled professionals with many options, so Elon has given us zero ways to stay and many to leave,” they added.

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