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A Strategic Decisionmaker | Amanda Mocellin

Amanda Mocellin


An adaptive visionary best describes Amanda Mocellin. As the CEO of Finxone, Amanda embodies several key qualities that make her a driving force behind the organization’s success. She possesses a clear and concise vision for the company’s future, effectively communicating this vision to all stakeholders and employees. Amanda is a strategic thinker who makes informed decisions based on market trends and competition and aligns with the company’s goals. She is decisive and willing to take calculated risks while being accountable for the outcomes.

As an effective communicator, Amanda articulates her vision, strategy, and decisions to all stakeholders. Her inspirational leadership motivates employees toward the company’s goals, fosters a positive work culture, and promotes innovation and collaboration. With her strong business acumen, Amanda understands the business’s financial, operational, and legal aspects, identifying growth and profitability areas and taking action to achieve them. Amanda is adaptable to changing market conditions, technological advancements, and customer needs. She is open to new ideas and willing to pivot the company’s business model when necessary. As a leader with integrity, Amanda always acts with strong ethical values, upholding the company’s principles and leading by example. Amanda’s strategic, leadership, communication, and business skills make her an exceptional CEO who drives Finxone toward continued success.

Leading with Passion
Amanda is a leader who knows what drives her. She’s motivated by a powerful combination of factors that keeps her passionate, growing, and making a real difference. 

Her love for the fintech industry is a constant source of inspiration, driving her to seek out new ways to innovate and make a positive impact. But it’s not just about the industry. For Amanda, leadership is also about personal growth, constantly challenging herself, and expanding her skills and knowledge. And at the core of it is a deep-seated wish to make a difference, to empower people with access to fintech tools that can change their lives and impact the world.

These motivations keep Amanda going and drive her to be the best leader she can be. With passion, growth, and impact at the forefront of her leadership, she’s poised to lead Finxone to new heights and make a lasting difference in the world of fintech. 

Amanda also acknowledges the significance of humility and compassion as a leader. She realizes that leadership is not solely about accomplishing objectives and driving achievements but also about genuinely caring for the individuals she leads and fostering a positive work environment. Therefore, she strives to lead with firmness and empathy, balancing ambition and humility

Amanda places great importance on building strong, supportive relationships with her team members, as she believes in the power of empathy, listening, and collaboration to create a positive work environment. She encourages participation and contributions from all team members, using a participative leadership style that seeks input and builds consensus. Communication is also a key focus for Amanda, who prefers a communication style emphasizing active listening and nonverbal cues to establish rapport with her team. Amanda’s leadership approach is rooted in transformational leadership, focusing on inspiring and motivating her team members to achieve high-performance levels through empowerment, vision-setting, and mentorship. Finally, Amanda values work-life balance and supportive policies that allow team members to manage work and family responsibilities. In Amanda’s view, the most influential leaders are those who can adapt their leadership approach to the needs of their team and the situation at hand, regardless of their gender.

Building A Brand

In 2021, Openpayd conducted a survey that involved 150 decision-makers from companies across Europe who were responsible for identifying and implementing new products and services. The survey focused on businesses in various sectors such as Vertical SaaS, Horizontal SaaS, the Consumer marketplace, B2B marketplace, and the Gig economy platform, all of which had a revenue of £50m or more. 96% of European businesses plan to offer customers embedded banking services in the next five years FStech Dec 2021. 

Although there is a significant demand for fintech and embedded finance, building fintech solutions can be expensive, slow, manual, and heavily regulated. This can make it difficult for startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses to enter the market and hinder innovation. However, Finxone aims to remove these barriers by providing easy-to-use, auto-compliant, template-driven apps that can be created in minutes and launched in days, thus simplifying the fintech development process.

Finxone has had numerous achievements owing to its revolutionary approach since its inception in 2022. “We have experienced exponential growth in a relatively short amount of time, which is a testament to the strength of our world-class executive and development teams. In addition to building a highly talented team, we have secured angel investment and have established multiple partnerships with customers and other businesses,” says Amanda. “Our approach has been centred around being frugal and efficient across all aspects of our organization. This has allowed us to deliver products at an impressive rate, which is four times the industry average. We attribute this to our focus on utilizing all available tools, including AI-based coding, to ensure we are delivering the most efficient and effective products to our customers.”

The company’s ability to innovate and deliver at such a high level has been recognized by the industry and has resulted in numerous accolades. Finxone has been named one of the top fintech startups to watch and has received recognition for its innovative solutions. “We believe that our unique approach and relentless focus on innovation will continue to set us apart in the industry and drive our success moving forward,” adds Amanda. 

Towards the Future

As the CEO of Finxone and a mother of a young child, Amanda understands the importance of having a clear plan for personal and professional goals. Looking ahead, some of the projects include, “balancing work and family will remain a top priority for me and as our business continues to grow, investing in our team will be crucial for success. We plan to provide training, offer flexible work arrangements, and create a positive work culture to ensure that our team has the support and resources they need to be successful,” explains Amanda. “Expanding our product offering is also a key focus for the future. We plan to introduce new financial products, such as digital wallets or insurance platforms, to meet the changing needs of our customers. We also plan to expand into new markets to reach a wider audience.”

Finxone understands the importance of continuously innovating in the fast-paced fintech industry. They plan to invest in research and development, experiment with new technologies, and listen to customer feedback to improve their products and services. “Overall, we believe that maintaining a clear focus on our goals and priorities while also being flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances will be key to our success,” elucidates Amanda. “By doing the aforementioned we are confident that we can position our business for long-term success while also prioritizing our personal and family life.”

"We have experienced exponential growth in a relatively short amount of time, which is a testament to the strength of our world-class executive and development teams. "

Amanda Mocellin


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