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Travel is a concept not only as a stress buster but to spend valuable leisure time with dear and near once. It is a must for every family for a travel plan at least once a year to increase the family knot. And in such happy moments we can’t think of any hassles or frustrations. Therefore, for happy travel consider this travel checklist.

1.Check your passport carefully.

It is mandatory to check the passport expiry date and extra pages, so that you won’t get stuck at the airports or you will have to shorten your trip. If your passport expiry is six months away, renew your passports. And if you have pre-booked your travel without checking, get your passport done by express options available.

2. Opt for Global Entry

It’s quite easy to get a global entry option through airport kiosks for frequent travelers. It will expedite the process and ease the frequent traveler.

3. Get your REAL ID

Lot of travelers may miss their flight from 1st October, 2020 because it is mandatory get your REAL ID at the airports. Visit your state DMV website now, for knowing the relevant documents and proceed to register the REAL ID.

4. An annual travel insurance policy will ease the travel bookings

If you are a frequent traveler it is safe to get an annual insurance policy to ease the bookings and travel. There are options for family insurance and senior citizen insurances for other members to be a part of your tour.

5. Don’t completely follow your travel guidebook

Travel guidebook can be encyclopedia for your travel. But just going with it will be a like a blind because the modern amenities, new restaurants, new places may not have been registered with it. It’s definitely a guide but interaction with other tourists and locals will definitely cherish you trip.

6. Travel slow

Have a well-planned itinerary for your travel with a limited speed. Because there might be new and beautiful places, which may not have been included in your itinerary. So it’s like u will have to skip them because of your tight schedule. At every destination give a break for a day or two which may be effectively utilized to know the unknown.

7. Save contact information

If in your travel trip you have met any charming personalities, or friendly faces collect their details such as contact information, email ids can help to build a life time relationship.

8. Take extra money

Take a little extra money or have a bigger budget for your travel as you may not know when there are exciting places, adventures or memorable items need to be purchased. If you think of squeezing budget you may end up with broken heart.

9. Get medicines handy

It’s a must for a traveler to keep handy basic medicines such as band aid, antiseptic liquid, fever tablets as such and especially if you are a patient need to keep the prescriptions so that any emergencies can be handled smoothly. This may not lead you to shorten your trip.

10. Double check the dates for your reservations

It is always good you check your reservation dates carefully. If you have more than two itineraries, better to write it chronologically for easy reference and not to miss your dates and flights. It is always suggested that the print outs of the travel detail to be available as you never know when the internet will be off or phone conditions.

11. Check the weather at your destination

Destination whether check is a must so that you are well prepared for the necessary items for your travel.

  1. Record your memories
  2. Very simple but effective, always record your memories and save them. Because good memories can be cherished lifetime.

Happy travelling.

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