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A Unique One-Stop-Shop | Corey Rosales

Corey Rosales

CEO & President

Corey Rosales, CEO & President of American Safety, can be defined as a hard-working, out-of-the-box thinker, motivational detailed oriented leader. He uses all these qualities to lead the company towards success, along with encouraging his team to achieve more with every project they complete. His immense experience has been aided by his innate quick thinking and problem solving abilities. This has made American Safety the apex of the industrial and environmental sectors.

Using his special qualities, he has become a support system to the young entrepreneurs who are out there trying hard to establish themselves. Corey gives them insight on what will work and what won’t, and how to survive the hard times, as everyone has to face the same no matter how successful one gets. “I learned when to get into positions that you may control, learned to understand the client and be a one stop shop, learned that sometimes second tier isn’t enough. And this is what I instill in everyone around me,” elucidates Corey. 

“This has been transitioned by putting in the effort others may not, learning when it was time to stop being second in line and elevate to number one, learning that diversity in a portfolio is a winning culture.”

For Corey, success isn’t measured by an individual. “One may say you have reached the peak where another may disagree. We have had success of growing this company, but we are not done yet he adds. “Success is a difficult measure. My success story is providing all team members a safe working environment and a winning culture.” The advice he gives everyone is never to give up. “When someone says you have failed, you blow through their expectation and keep going. Measure success by your own standards, hold yourself accountable and be the best individual you can be that day,” says Corey.

Armed with this mindset, Corey has been taking the company to new heights. American Safety’s mission is to establish and maintain an incident-free work environment. They instill this in their disaster response, environmental, and industrial duties. They work through a very detailed process, helping to ensure safety and getting the job done above their client’s standards. American Safety’s first duty is always to maintain safety. They pride themselves on zero incidents and look forward to keeping it that way. “We pride ourselves in our expert customer service, safety, and technology. American Safety is a locally owned company with an interest in helping create jobs in our community,” says Corey. “We have a quick response time to all qualifying locations with many team members standing by, ready to start on your next project.”

American Safety has assisted numerous clients who struggle to find a one-stop shop. “Many of our competitors do not perform the high-quality low costs that we can perform. We take on the unknowns and work with the client through the issue,” says Corey. “For American Safety’s the biggest glory is our clientele. Our clients call us in the hardest situations and know we can provide.” This is because, from day one, Corey and his team have created a brilliant mindset and pioneering relationship. “We would go out to do any job needed to show the clients we are truly here. American Safety is a diverse group within its core.” Being a minority-owned small business with deep ties to the Greater New Orleans area, American Safety believes in giving back to the areas they work in, such as taking special care in giving back to the Children’s Hospital, St. Jude’s, and similar institutes, due to the help they have given the families, as well as the community.

Moving into the future, the company’s goal is to introduce new jobs to the community, support locals, and create a safer environment in all surrounding areas. As a “one-stop-shop”, they provide the team and all supplies or equipment needed to complete their client’s projects as safely as possible. “Projects we are tackling are getting intertwined with numerous companies to provide stability. This allows us to invest in OURSELF and provide top tier equipment to them,” explains Corey. “We strive to make our process easy on all of our clients, as this usually makes for long-lasting relationships and an ongoing commitment to safety. Some words to describe our team at American Safety would be greatness, innovative, efficient, safe, reliable, unique, humble, and giving.”

" My success story is providing all team members a safe working environment and a winning culture. "

Corey Rosales

CEO & President

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