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After an unfavorable portrayal in ' Billions, Peloton's brand gets slammed one more time

Once again, Peloton brand gets slammed after Billions

January 25, 2022: -The hits keep coming for Peloton. Capping off a turbulent week for the connected fitness company, entailing shares plummeting as Peloton said that it is considering layoffs and planning to “right-size” production levels as demand for its equipment wanes, one more television character appeared in a popular TV show having a heart attack after riding a Peloton Bike.

This comes about a month after the main character on HBO’s “Sex and the City” sequel series died from a heart attack after getting a Peloton cycling class.

In the Season 6 premiere of the Showtime drama “Billions,” main character Mike Wagner goes through a heart attack while riding a Peloton Bike. However, he recovers shortly after that and says later in the episode, “I’m not going out such as Mr. Big,” referring to the “Sex and the City” Peloton appearance.

According to The New York Times, the scene in “Billions” was written and shot months before Mr. Big’s “And Just Like That” scene. The report said that the line referencing Mr. Big was added recently in post-production.

In a statement on its Twitter account, Peloton said that it did not permit “Billions” to use its brand on the show.

Peloton’s head of global marketing and communications, Dara Treseder, also said on Twitter, “We did not provide Billions with any equipment. As referenced by the show itself, cardiovascular exercise has substantial benefits. Exercise is helping millions of real people lead long, happy lives.”

After Peloton’s cameo in “Sex and the City” started going viral online, shares of the company tumbled. Peloton quickly fired back with its parody ad, which stars Mr. Big actor Chris Noth, in which he ended up living and touted the benefits of cardio exercise.

But the rebuttal backfired when sexual assault allegations against Noth surfaced, and Peloton pulled its video from social media accounts.

Earlier, Peloton pre-announced its fiscal second-quarter financial results after CNBC reported the company is planning to temporarily halt production levels of its bikes and treadmill machines on a staggered timeline to reset inventory levels. In a memo to workers, CEO John Foley later said that it wasn’t true that Peloton would be “halting all production.”

The company said revenue for the three months ended December 31 would be within its previously forecast range but added fewer subscribers than it had expected.

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