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The former campaigner of Donald Trump and an accused women in the August 2016 campaign has dropped the lawsuit as further to her appeal all these years the government was unable to find fault or any strict document saying Donald’s behavior was wrong when he forcefully kissed her. Alva Johnson, 44, told on Wednesday “That’s a huge mountain to climb”

February 2019, is when Johnson filed a lawsuit against Trump for grabbing her and trying to kiss on her lips in RV during the Tampa event wherein she finally tried to move her face which ended up a kiss on her cheeks. Johnson, also files complaint against Trump for gender discrimination. The law suit filled was declined by the White House Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stating the kiss never happened and it is contradicting with many of the eye witnesses present in the event.

When the video footage was submitted by Politico in July, both the lawyers said the video vindicated their clients. Charles Harder, lawyer defending the President posted a 15 seconds video online and submitted the same to the court which was the major disclosure for the situation. Then stated the situation to be unimportant and “an innocent moment between a dedicated campaign staffer and the candidate for whom she was working.”

Charles also presented a declaration from Trump stating “I do not know plaintiff Alva Johnson or recall having any interactions with her.”

Hassan Zavareei, Johnson’s lawyer said it is been clearly seen in the video wherein Trump grabbing Alva by shoulder and kissing her in front of numerous people present there. Zavareei stated “Trump is the most powerful sexual predator on the face of the Earth.”

If you could go through the footage of Trump, back in 2005, 2016 where he admits that he tend to get attracted towards beautiful women and he do not wait but just kiss them. After filling a lawsuit against the president, Johnson had to be more careful as she was the topic which people would discuss in media and social platform moreover the Trump fan would pass on the nasty comments putting her image down.

Johnson was more disappointed when U.S. District Judge William Jung, declined her case with no fait judgement or reason, asking her to re draft if she still wish to continue to file a lawsuit. As Johnson realized that she is fighting with someone whom she could not touch in anyways. “He’s a big guy. You should keep your hands to yourself, you should keep your lips to yourself.” Johnson Stated and fighting against the unlimited resource would never be easy. She said she is proud of herself for standing up not only for herself but also for other women in the nation.

Johnson concludes “I am very proud that I fought,” she said. “I will continue to remain an outspoken advocate for women and for the injustices against women.”

“I do still believe in humanity.”

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