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Amazon cloud executive Charlie Bell resigned after 23 years as shakeup continues at AWS

Amazon cloud executive Charlie Bell resigned after 23 years

August 11, 2021: -Amazon confirmed on Monday that Charlie Bell, one of the top executives in its cloud business, is leaving the company.

According to a spokesperson, Peter DeSantis, a senior vice president at Amazon Web Services, they are working on global infrastructure becoming the new leader for utility computing that Bell managed for years. Prasad Kalyanaraman, a vice president at AWS, will be responsible for infrastructure and network services. The person asking not to be named because the changes haven’t been announced publicly.

DeSantis joined Amazon’s elite S-team of top executives in 2019, and Kalyanaraman will report to Adam Selipsky, the head of AWS. Selipsky rejoined Amazon from Salesforce this year. An Amazon spokesperson would not say where Bell is going.

Bell’s departure is recent in a series of high-level personnel moves at AWS, leading the cloud infrastructure market and accounts for half of Amazon’s total operating profit. Andy Jassy started AWS and ran it until last month, succeeded Jeff Bezos as CEO of Amazon, leaving Selipsky in charge of the cloud unit. Bell sat on the S-team and was considered a candidate to replace Jassy.

Other AWS executives have left since the start of the pandemic. In April, Splunk’s monitoring and security software company said it hired Teresa Carlson as president and chief growth officer. At AWS, she had been vice president of the public sector and industries. Tim Bray, who worked on several AWS products, resigned in the previous year in objection to Amazon employment practices.

While some of his colleagues have received attention by giving keynote presentations at AWS Reinvent conferences over the years, Bell has not. According to his LinkedIn profile, Bell joined Amazon in 1998 as a director after Amazon acquired his small company, Server Technologies Group. Earlier in his career, Bell worked in professional services at Oracle, one of Amazon’s cloud competitors.

At Amazon, Bell worked on building customer-service applications initially. In a virtual appearance at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference in the previous year, he said he led infrastructure before moving to the AWS business in the year 2006 as it was started with the core EC2 and S3 computing and storage services.

According to his LinkedIn profile, pricing, software development service operations, and financial results fell under Bell’s purview. In the year, 2016 Bell was among the handful of Amazon executives who met with the-U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, according to an AWS blog post.

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