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Elon Musk Laments Warren Buffett's Missed Tesla Investment Opportunity: "Too Bad He Didn't Invest in Tesla When It Was 0.1% of Today's Value"

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has once again aimed investment guru Warren Buffett for his lack of investment in Tesla. In a recent X post, Musk expressed regret that Buffett had not invested in Tesla early on when the company’s valuation was a fraction of its current value.

“Too bad he didn’t invest in Tesla when it was 0.1% of today’s value lol,” Musk wrote in the post, responding to a thread discussing Buffett’s investment philosophy.

Musk has long admired Buffett’s investment acumen but has also been critical of Buffett’s reluctance to invest in technology companies. In the past, Musk has argued that Buffett’s focus on traditional industries has made him miss out on opportunities to invest in transformative companies like Tesla.

Buffett has defended his investment philosophy, arguing that he prefers to invest in companies he understands well and with a proven track record of success. While a disruptive force in the automotive industry, Tesla has yet to turn a profit consistently.

Musk’s comments about Buffett’s missed Tesla investment opportunity continue the ongoing debate about the merits of investing in technology companies. Some investors believe that technology companies, with their potential for exponential growth, are worth the risk, while others prefer to invest in more stable companies with a history of profitability.

The debate over Tesla’s valuation also reflects the company’s unique position in the automotive industry. Tesla is an automaker and a technology company pioneering self-driving cars and other innovative technologies. This makes it difficult to compare Tesla to other automakers and has led to a wide range of valuations among analysts.

Musk’s comments about Buffett and Tesla highlight the ongoing debate about the merits of investing in technology companies. While Tesla’s valuation has soared, the company’s long-term prospects remain uncertain. Only time will tell whether Tesla will live up to the high expectations of its investors.

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