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Apple revealed its big annual meeting, where it could promote its latest headset

March 30, 2023: On Wednesday, Apple reported that its annual developer’s conference, WWDC, will start on June 5 and run through June 9.

Apple holds its launching event led by CEO Tim Cook on the day of the conference and typically reveals recent iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac software.

WWDC is Apple’s huge conference of the year. The company invites software makers to visit its headquarters and holds workshops and sessions on using Apple’s software tools to make the latest apps.

WWDC is providing a preview of where Apple is going. The company usually discusses its software growth goals and reveals new iPhone features.

Most years, Apple doesn’t announce the recent hardware at WWDC. However, according to Bloomberg, Apple could reveal its long-awaited virtual and prescribed reality headset at the conference this year. In addition, Apple could announce the recent high-powered Macs to a friendly maker audience by this year.

WWDC will be sprayed virtually on Apple’s website for free.

The conference will be held online, with a day at Apple’s headquarters, Apple Park, on the first day of the meeting.

In the previous year, Apple invited developers and media to watch the pre-recorded opening presentation at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, summoned Apple Park.

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