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Tech giant Apple is known for its path-breaking innovations in both, smart-phones and Macbook. Apple has always relied on the tagline “Think Different” and this has always helped them to be distinguished from their competitors. It has also helped them build a loyal set of customers, who once turned to Apple and never thought of looking at other brands to fulfil their requirements.

The California based company is expected to launch a new version of the MacBook Pro later this month. Tim Cook and his team are making sure that the product does not go unnoticed by the general public when it is launched. Apple in recent times has been heavily focusing on software and services, so it is kind of unpredictable right now on how the new laptop would look like, with regards to the software part. While the world is moving towards mobile applications and cloud services, Apple currently faces a huge dilemma on how to push forward the MacBook Pro with its desktop applications.

The company’s new IPhone models continue to dominate the Global Markets, but it is very difficult to say how the new MacBook Pro will be performing in the market in terms of appeal and finally “sales”. Over time with the transition in technologies and customer demand, MacOS has become a more subsidiary OS which is being developed more and more to support functions of the iOS. Most new apps that are developed are used to support existing mobile platforms and features and not for the Desktop use.

Apple is slowly and steadily moving into subscription services and provision of support for the cloud-based services. As a result of this, the MacOS turns out to be of secondary importance to the company at present. This makes life difficult for a Mac to stand out in these circumstances when the environment and its present purpose is going against what it is actually meant to be.

The second Apple consumer event this year is likely to happen on 29th of October, as per Forbes contributor Ewan Spence, where the 16-inch MacBook Pro will be launched. It is also expected that it will not be a MacBook stand-alone event and there might be more announcements coming from Apple at the event.

The laptop is already in production prior to its launch and Apple have a number of products up their sleeves. The current mind-set suggests that these are definitely going to be loved by Tim Cook, more than the MacBook machines themselves. How much will this mind-set hurt the product in the long-run? Let’s wait and watch.

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