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Friday, May 24, 2024
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ASM Global Extends ICC Sydney Management Contract

ASM Global has been awarded a ten-year extension to its management contract for the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney). This decision follows a highly successful initial decade of operation, solidifying ASM Global’s role in driving the venue’s economic contribution to the region.

The renewed contract signifies a continuation of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) established between ASM Global and the New South Wales (NSW) Government. This partnership, originally established for 25 years, has demonstrably delivered significant economic benefits, exceeding initial expectations.

During the initial ten years of management, ASM Global facilitated the hosting of over 3,665 events, attracting a total of 6.4 million attendees. This influx of visitors has generated an estimated A$3.9 billion in spending within the local economy, surpassing the A$5 billion target set for the entire 25-year PPP.

The success of this partnership is attributed, in part, to ASM Global’s proven venue management expertise. Their strategic approach has demonstrably contributed to ICC Sydney’s positive reputation and its ability to attract major events and conferences.

This ten-year extension signifies a strong vote of confidence in ASM Global’s capabilities. The continued collaboration between ASM Global and the NSW Government promises further economic growth and solidifies ICC Sydney’s position as a leading convention and exhibition center in the region.

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