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Assisting in Creating Exceptional Projects | Aleš Kohoutek

Assisting in Creating Exceptional Projects | Aleš Kohoutek

Aleš Kohoutek


Aleš Kohoutek stood at the birth of GLOCIN, and from the very beginning, he has been its main face, a visionary and driving force of the implementation team. His ability to coordinate product platform development and manage the entire company so that it is always one or two steps ahead of the current events depends primarily on his commitment, foresight, and prudence, which are key to success in business.

The entire GLOCIN product platform was created based on a thorough assessment of possible risks to operate in almost any situation, and hence unlike many organizations, the pandemic did not affect the company. For example, in its beginnings, the company had to deal with unfavorable financial institutions, which did not want the platform very much due to its specific focus, which was achieved thanks to the immense commitment of the team led by Aleš. Due to the nature of the modern technological society, its ongoing development and plans were not particularly affected by the pandemic.

The company is bringing something unique to the ordinary world of the common person and empowering them with products and projects that will help them become more independent or help their surroundings. “We offer to the average person to become part of a large international business project and thus provide him with the opportunity to participate in his profit,” says Aleš. “For long time we have been looking for the optimal way to create a functional two-way bridge between retail and corporate business.” Aleš adds, “We are far from the end of this journey, but we have built a decent foundation that works well. We are unique in that we are completely open to new, modern opportunities, thanks to our diligence and determination, we are able to seize them in time and share the benefits with all the involved clients.”

GLOCIN has created an online product platform, thanks to which clients actively participate in IT technology, FinTech, ecology, or healthcare. This environment is user-friendly for clients and is also based on a thorough analysis of the potential and long-term sustainability of individual partner products and projects.

It places much lower demands and expertise on users than the usual investment environment yet maintains a high quality of services and guarantees strict supervision of the stability and quality of partner projects. It thus allows clients to enter into projects in which they would not normally participate or know about them.

At the same time, the company is building a community in which clients inspire each other, share experiences, cooperate and look for new ways to benefit their surroundings. “After only four years of operation, we began to intensively develop individual areas of social cooperation, one example is the establishment of the GLOCIN FOUNDATION, which focuses on helping children with disabilities, or a project of cooperation and support for community and municipal entrepreneurs and services called TRNIŠTĚ. Other similar projects are in preparation,” says Aleš.

GLOCIN has the advantage of opening a whole new way in the market, and its products are unique. “Someone may try copy them or try to question the quality of our offer, but that does not change the fact that we came with it first and the clients stand behind us because they see the results,” says Aleš. “We have no doubt that a good product or service will always find its place in the spotlight, as it has happened many times before.”

The whole principle of the GLOCIN product platform is based on the fact that the client buys vouchers with a fixed price, i.e., a kind of universal exchange tool. Thanks to this, the client can participate in projects offered by the GLOCIN platform from any part of the world, regardless of the local language or currency. One of the key products, “FIXxx” is based on the principle that the client lends his vouchers to the company managing this product and thus participates, for example, in the construction of IT technologies, business systems, or even medical projects. They become a project partner. This is exactly for two years; during this time, the client receives a predefined fixed interest for the loan, and after two years, they receive all the vouchers back. “He will either choose to purchase this product again, buy another product or sell his vouchers for their value and go his own way. The products are set up as low-cost (low operating costs), as is the entire company,” says Aleš. “We focus on making sure that the client has the greatest profit. Part of our success is mainly fair dealing and consistent adherence to all commitments. The key for us is to build long-term mutual trust with clients and partners.”

In just five years of building a product platform, starting from scratch with only a few key people, the company is now in a position to boast more than ten thousand satisfied clients; through their capital funds, they participate in the creation of new banking-type entities, “we have own brand of payment cards, we mediate virtual assets and we have many other successes on our account. We have ambitious plans and we believe that together with our clients we will achieve even higher goals,” says Aleš.

One of the most important milestones ahead is the completion of the licensing process at GLOCIN’s affiliates. According to their focus, these are licenses of payment institutions, electronic money issuers, Foreign Exchange Market, etc. Since this expansion to a platform regulated by supervisory authorities, GLOCIN promises to develop new directions and thus more opportunities to provide clients with further ways to improve their lives.

Aleš Kohoutek Award

" We are unique in that we are completely open to new, modern opportunities, thanks to our diligence and determination, we are able to seize them in time and share the benefits with all the involved clients. "

Aleš Kohoutek


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