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Australia’s recent leader Albanese declared in ahead of the Quad meet

Australia’s recent leader Albanese declared in ahead of the Quad meet

May 24, 2022: -Australia’s Labor Party leader, Anthony Albanese, was certified as the 31st prime minister of the country on Monday, promising to bring the country all in one after a fractious election campaign as he took a vow to look after the climate change and inequality.

Labor is back to power after nine years in opposition as a wave of unprecedented support for the Greens and climate-focused independents, mainly women, helped end nearly a decade of rule by the conservative coalition in the general election on Saturday.

“I look forward to leading a government that makes Australians proud, a government that doesn’t seek to divide, that doesn’t seek to have wedges but seeks to bring people together,” Albanese said in his recent media briefing after accepting a charge of the prime minister.

However, votes are still being counted, and the makeup of government has yet to be finalized; Albanese was pledged in by Governor-General David Hurley at a ceremony in the national capital, Canberra, to attend an important meeting of the “Quad” security grouping in Tokyo on Tuesday.

India, the United States, Japan, and Australia are members of the Quad, an informal group that Washington has been encouraging to work as a potential bulwark against the increasing political, commercial, and military activity of China in the Indo-Pacific.

Albanese said the relationship of the country with China would remain “a difficult one” after the summit with U.S. President Joe Biden and the prime ministers of Japan and India.

Deputy Labor leader Richard Marles and three key ministers, Penny Wong in foreign affairs, Jim Chalmers as treasurer, and Katy Gallagher in finance, were also pledged in, with Wong to join Albanese on the Quad trip.

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