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Balfour Beatty Secures £20 Million Coastal Defence Contract in Norfolk

Balfour Beatty, a leading international infrastructure group, has been awarded a £20 million contract to deliver two significant coastal defense schemes in Norfolk, England. The projects, commissioned by the North Norfolk District Council, will strengthen the coastline and protect communities from the impacts of erosion and flooding.

The Cromer Phase 2 scheme will involve the construction of a 700-meter-long rock revetment, extending the existing protection along the Cromer seafront. This extension will provide vital protection against erosion and ensure the stability of the coastal cliffs.

The Mundesley Coastal Management scheme will focus on replenishing and reshaping the beach at Mundesley, a popular seaside resort. This will involve the dredging and movement of sand to create a wider and more resilient beach, reducing the risk of wave overtopping and protecting the promenade and adjacent properties.

Balfour Beatty’s expertise in coastal engineering and its proven track record in delivering complex infrastructure projects will be instrumental in successfully executing these critical schemes. The company’s commitment to sustainability will ensure that the projects are designed and implemented with minimal environmental impact.

“We are delighted to be working with North Norfolk District Council on these important coastal defense projects,” said Phil Graham, Balfour Beatty’s Regional Managing Director for Eastern England. “Our team is committed to delivering resilient and sustainable solutions that will protect the Norfolk coastline and its communities for years to come.”

Awarding these contracts to Balfour Beatty highlights the company’s leading position in the coastal engineering sector and its ability to deliver complex infrastructure projects. The projects will provide much-needed protection to the Norfolk coastline, safeguarding homes, businesses, and infrastructure from the impacts of erosion and flooding.

The Cromer Phase 2 scheme and the Mundesley Coastal Management scheme are essential investments in coastal protection, demonstrating North Norfolk District Council’s proactive approach to managing coastal risks. These projects will safeguard the coastline and support the economic and social well-being of the communities that rely on it.

Balfour Beatty’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the growing emphasis on environmentally conscious infrastructure development. The company’s approach to coastal protection prioritizes minimizing environmental impact while ensuring the long-term resilience of the coastline.


Balfour Beatty’s successful bid for these coastal defense contracts marks a significant milestone in protecting Norfolk’s coastline. The company’s expertise, commitment to sustainability, and proven track record will be instrumental in delivering these critical projects and safeguarding the region’s communities for years.

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