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Biden Administration Expands Curbs on Nvidia Chips, Targeting China and Other Countries

The Biden administration is expanding restrictions on the export of Nvidia chips to China and other countries in a move aimed at curbing Beijing’s access to advanced technologies that could be used for military purposes.

The new rules, announced on Tuesday, will bar the export of certain Nvidia chips to China and other countries subject to U.S. arms embargoes. The rules will also expand licensing requirements for the export of Nvidia chips to other countries.

The Biden administration has been concerned about China’s growing military power and its use of advanced technologies to develop new weapons systems. The administration has also been concerned about China’s efforts to acquire advanced technologies from foreign companies, including Nvidia.

Nvidia chips are used in a wide range of products, including computers, smartphones, and cars. However, they are also used in military applications, such as image processing and guidance systems.

The new rules are expected to impact Nvidia’s business in China significantly. China is a major market for Nvidia chips, and the company has rapidly grown its business there in recent years.

The new rules are also expected to impact other companies that use Nvidia chips in their products. These companies may need to find alternative sources for chips, or they may need to modify their products to use different chips.

The Biden administration’s decision to expand restrictions on Nvidia chips significantly escalates its efforts to counter China’s growing military power. The move will likely further strain relations between the United States and China.

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