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Biden and Macron reaffirm their cooperation and support for Ukraine at a typical White House press meeting

Biden and Macron reaffirm their cooperation and support for Ukraine

December 6, 2022: -U.S. President Joe Biden and President of French Emmanuel Macron stressed the importance of the nations’ cooperation amid uncertainty in Europe more than Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, even as France groused about some critical elements of Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

Macron visits the U.S. as Biden’s guest for the initial state dinner of his presidency. After completing more than two hours, the two leaders speak to reporters in a typical press conference at the White House. Ukraine was at the height of mind for the leaders worried about Russia’s explosions of civilian infrastructure as winter approached.

“I think it’s critical what Emmanuel stated that we must support the Ukrainian people,” Biden added. “The idea that Putin will ever defeat Ukraine is more than comprehension,” it further stated.

Macron added that he was grateful to have the U.S. as a reliable ally again, stating, “we have been being for a couple of years, and currently, we’ve been engaged with you.” He added that he was grateful to have the U.S. as a partner backing Ukraine.

“Having the U.S. strongly supports the Ukrainians at this time is very important not for the Ukrainians, but for the Europeans, like us. This is why we thank you for the solidarity and stability of our world today,” Macron added. “Because if we consider the, we can abandon the country and abandon the respect of its principles, meaning there is no possible stability in this world.”

Despite the strong friendship amid the two leaders, Macron, ahead of the bilateral meeting, expressed frustration more than how Biden’s signature legislative achievement, the Inflation Reduction Act, affected Europe’s economy.

Macron criticized the law at a Wednesday luncheon and in a French Embassy speech. European leaders, Macron added, worry the vast tax incentives would drive firms from Europe to the U.S. to make climate-friendly technology like electric vehicles.

Macron said his questions about the legislation had been sufficiently answered in the press briefing after their meeting. He would return to Europe, clearing his understanding of the necessary steps.

“We are not here to ask for proof of love. We are here, we ate coming to agree on a strategy clarifying what was necessary clarifying, and we did,” Macron said. “I’m going home confident and lucid as to what has to be made on the European side, which is the best thing.”

Macron stated that even if it were not Biden’s aim to harm allies with the legislation, it would affect France. He added that the two countries needed to “resynchronize” their policies that get shared climate goals.

“We worked on the technical elements to ensure that there is no domino which affects the ongoing projects in Europe,” Macron declared. “We succeeded together, not one against the other.”

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