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Biden to impose travel restrictions on South Africa, U.K., and Brazil to diminish new COVID-19 strains

Biden to impose travel restrictions on South Africa, U.K., and Brazil

January 25, 2021: President Joe Biden will sign a travel ban on Monday regarding most non-U.S. citizens entering South Africa. Biden will also reinstate travel restrictions on non-U.S. citizens from the U.K. and Brazil due to new Covid-19 strains. The conditions will also apply to Ireland and much of Europe.

Former President Donald Trump had rescinded the restrictions just before Biden took office.

Incoming White House press secretary Jen Psaki had criticized Trump’s moves on travel restrictions internationally due to the contagious variants emerging all over the world.

Trump, through a proclamation last Monday, ordered to remove travel restrictions implemented by his administration early in the pandemic on most non-U.S. citizens who had been in much of Europe, the U.K., and Brazil, starting January 26.

That is when the U.S. government will start bound air travelers, including U.S. citizens, to show recent, negative Covid-19 test results before boarding flights.

White House health advisor Dr. Fauci has said that available vaccines appear to be less effective against new strains of Covid-19 but that they’ll still likely provide enough protection to be worth getting.

On Sunday, the CDC also announced that it would remove the option for airlines with flights from countries that lack Covid-19 testing to apply for temporary waivers for some travelers. The agency will implement the order on Tuesday.

According to data by Johns Hopkins University, the virus has affected over 25 million people and killed around 417,000 people in the U.S. since the pandemic began.

 South African variant cases arent yet detected in the U.S, but several states have seen the U.K. variant.

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