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Boluda Acquires UK-Based SMS Towing

Spanish tugboat giant Boluda Corporación Marítima has solidified its position in the United Kingdom by acquiring SMS Towage Ltd. The signing ceremony, held recently in Hessle, Hull, marks a significant development in the European tugboat industry.

This acquisition encompasses SMS’s harbor and offshore towage services, marine operations, management team, office staff, crew, and fleet based within the United Kingdom. SMS, established in 1992 and operational as a towage provider since 2002, has emerged as a prominent player within the UK market. Its presence spans ports and regions such as Tyne, Tees, Humber, Portsmouth, South Wales, and Belfast. The company boasts a fleet of 20 tugs, further bolstering Boluda’s operational capacity.

Boluda Towage, already established in the UK ports of Invergordon (Cromarty Firth), London, Liverpool, and Southampton, will integrate SMS’s operations under the new brand, Boluda Towage SMS. The local management team of Boluda Towage SMS will report to Philip Dulson, the current General Manager of Boluda Towage in the UK.

Commenting on the acquisition, Vicente Boluda Fos, Chairman of Boluda Corporación Marítima, emphasized the company’s commitment to continuous expansion within the international maritime towing sector. He believed that SMS Towage’s skilled and dedicated team would be a valuable asset to Boluda, ensuring a smooth transition and continued success.

This strategic move by Boluda offers several advantages. Firstly, it strengthens the company’s foothold in the UK market, a key maritime hub in Europe. The combined fleet and expanded geographic reach will allow Boluda to offer a wider range of services to its clients across the UK.

Secondly, the acquisition fosters knowledge exchange and collaboration between Boluda and SMS. Integrating expertise from both companies can lead to improved operational efficiency and the development of innovative towing solutions.

Finally, the deal signifies Boluda’s confidence in the future of the UK maritime industry. By investing in this strategic acquisition, Boluda positions itself to capitalize on potential growth opportunities within the region.

In conclusion, Boluda’s acquisition of SMS Towage marks a significant consolidation within the UK tugboat market. This strategic move strengthens Boluda’s position as a global leader in maritime towing services and paves the way for continued growth and innovation in the UK maritime industry.

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