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Britain spar over inviting China to global AI summit, shows divergence

September 20, 2023: Britain spar over inviting China to global AI summit, shows divergence. This invitation recognizes China as one of the leading nations in AI technology.

As stated by Foreign Minister James Cleverly, the UK’s approach to China concentrates on defending its organizations and infrastructure, aligning with partners, and engaging where it does the UK’s national interests.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak aims to position Britain as a global leader in AI regulation, and the November summit will gather tech executives, academics, political leaders, and international governing bodies to discuss the dangers associated with this powerful technology.

Cleverly has advocated for a new British engagement policy with China, emphasizing the importance of not isolating the world’s second-largest economy. He believes China’s cooperation is essential in climate change and economic stability.

While the UK seeks to strengthen ties with China, there has been growing concern about Chinese activities in Britain, particularly following the revelation that a parliamentary researcher was charged on suspicion of spying for China in March.

Cleverly emphasized the importance of including China in discussions about AI safety, stating that the UK cannot protect its public from AI risks by excluding one of the top nations in AI technology. Hence, the invitation to China for the AI Safety Summit in November.

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