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Britain's taxes will be slashing 'as soon as we can afford to,' the finance minister stated

February 27, 2023: On Friday, U.K. Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt said that the government would look to slash taxes “sooner we can afford to,” amid forces from some lawmakers in his party to reduce the country’s levies.

Hunt will present his first entire budget on March 15 as the country grapples with high food and energy costs, industrial action, the decrease from Brexit and the bad increase outlook among the G-20 major thrifts.

The law U.K. Conservative Party has electoral steps to climb ahead of the coming year’s general election, polling consistently indicating a landslide for the main opposition Labour Party. The recent YouGov poll on Tuesday put Labour 28 points ahead of the Conservatives.

On Friday, the G-20 meeting in Bengaluru, India, Hunt remained optimistic that his economic plans are regaining the public’s trust.

“When the election started, I think people will see that, when it comes to taking the tough and difficult talks, to bring responsibility back to public finances, to get inflation decreased, to get the economy increasing, then that’s the Conservative Party,” he stated.

“We are the group that, in the end, will create an economy that can put more into our National Health Service, that helps our Armed Forces so that they can do their vital work, that can keep taxes low; we are thinking those are the things that matter to the people.”

If taxes will be lower by the time the election rolls all over, Hunt said, “we can afford to, yes.”

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