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Building A Brand

Building A Brand | Albert Fouert

Albert Fouerti

CEO at Appliances Connection

Albert Fouerti, CEO at AppliancesConnection has always been a forward thinker. He meticulously plans out his strategies and executes them with the future in mind, so he is never a step behind. In similar ways he influences and advices the future leaders who want to make it big in the market to keep thinking about ways to improve for the future. “If you stop moving forward, you will get left behind.”

As per Albert, AppliancesConnection was born out of necessity. Prior to their existence, customers would have to travel to an appliance store, be limited to what they have on hand for them to buy and worry about how they are going to get it home or how much it was going to cost them for delivery and how they were going to get it installed. “Being pioneers in the industry, we knew we needed to resolve these pain points, so we offer a full assortment of products, deliver it to your home for free and provide installation services, all from the comfort of your home,” says Albert.

Today, the company is providing visitors only the top vetted appliance brands with convenient ways to purchase exactly what they need for their home without any hassle. AppliancesConnection goes through a very lengthy on-boarding process for any brands that wish to partner with us. This includes 

sharing damage and return statistics, reading customer reviews and ensuring that the brand has a full-service network backing it. “For convenience, we offer product filters and comparisons, enabling the user to find precisely what they are looking for, including filters for in stock only and rebates,” adds Albert.

AppliancesConnection has always been a technology driven company. “Whenever a new technology comes around, we adapt to it and try to utilize it within our company. Right now, the trend is shopping on your mobile phone, even to the extent that Google has switched their indexing to a mobile first,” explains Albert. “This means that if you are not providing a top mobile experience, you will be left in the dark. In addition, we use machine learning, which is a type of artificial intelligence, to help better serve customers products that they are more likely to purchase based on data from products they have already viewed.”

Using customer call and online review data, Albert and his team of experts have been able to adapt to customer pain points over the years. Some of these were simple requests, and some a little bit harder. “One major update that comes to mind is our implementation of a SOLR Search index. Think of the search index like a book. Instead of reading the whole book to find a specific word, you could use the index to look up this word and find exactly what page it is on,” elucidates Albert. “Prior to using SOLR, our website search was very slow due to the number of items we had. While SOLR has significantly improved the speed of the site, it had also caused some search results to be incorrect.” As an out of the box solution, SOLR did not know enough about their products to match the expected results by the customer, however, with some modifications, they were able to create a very precise set of results.

Discussing about the ongoing pandemic, even before businesses were shutting down due to COVID-19, Albert knew that AppliancesConnection was going to be critical in supplying families with appliances during these trying times. With more people at home more often, working appliances were a necessity, and people needed their new appliances quickly and safely. “We immediately reacted and switched to a contactless delivery, as well as hired new drivers and delivery trucks to handle the extra demand.”

Today, AppliancesConnection, as stated previously, is one of the first companies to ship large appliances across the country, safely and quickly. Over the years, AppliancesConnection have developed a very extensive carrier network, which not only handles the transportation of the items, but provides the customer with White Glove service, as well as installation and haul-away of the old appliance. “AppliancesConnection is always working on projects that will benefit our customers in the end. Right now, we are working on a major overhaul for our mobile user experience,” says Albert. “While our experience is good right now, we feel we can make it even better.”

Albert Fouerti award

For convenience, we offer product filters and comparisons, enabling the user to find precisely what they are looking for, including filters for in stock only and rebates.

Albert Fouerti

CEO at Appliances Connection

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