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Building the Future with Unique Curriculum

Building the Future with Unique Curriculum | Joe Fisher

Joe Fisher

President & CEO Hallmark University

Joe Fisher has spent the past 29 years passionately committed to the development of excellence in higher education. That passion has focused on innovation in education delivery and creating methods for producing excellence and character in the future workforce. Joe has worked closely with all segments of accreditation at both the Regional and National levels and has been a frequent speaker on the subject of accreditation at the State and Federal levels.


Joe’s alignment and passion for the university’s mission of changing individual lives and its core values of excellence, effectiveness, efficiency, and integrity have helped transform the institution into what it is today.

His early vision of how the school could transition into a unique institution of higher education and the ability to help others see and embrace his vision has helped Hallmark University become the institution it is recognized today.

Higher education is charged with training students and providing graduates with promising career paths, but often falls short. Building the skill, 


knowledge, and character needed for every graduate to have a successful career is not the focus of most institutions. Under Joe’s leadership Hallmark University directly addresses the issues that surround higher education. Joe believes that today’s students learn best when they are engaged in their education, which goes beyond having an interest in what they are learning. Students must learn by doing, which led to the incorporation of hands-on training in each program, engaging students to think and learn critically in their simulation workplace environment. Hallmark graduates begin their new careers with experience and an advanced understanding of their field that graduates of other schools often lack.

Hallmark University’s industry partners serve on the institution’s Program Advisory Committees (PAC) within each school, building upon and shaping the curriculum that reflects and develops the skills, knowledge, and personal character that each industry needs and values. Utilizing industry partner’s insight allows for Hallmark University to rapidly change courses or even entire degree programs in months rather than years, allowing curriculum to always remain up to date. Technology drives new careers and specialties, so Hallmark University tracks technology’s evolution with matching curriculum changes and developing new concentrations and innovations in program delivery.

The use of technology and the expectation of students to invest in their education empowers Hallmark University with the ability to deliver a bachelor’s degree in only 28 months. Hallmark’s bachelor’s degree programs require the same 120 credit hours needed at any other university, but students at Hallmark are required to take 18 credit hours per semester and complete three semesters each calendar year. Expectations are high for students at Hallmark University, and they consistently rise to the challenge and put in the work to earn their education faster.

The accelerated formats at Hallmark University require tremendous dedication from students, but by completing their education faster, the technologies and principles they learn are still relevant when they graduate. Graduates earn a living for two or three years while their friends and family continue to earn their degrees at a traditional university. The accelerated timeline and use of industry feedback grants Hallmark University the ability to secure graduate’s future careers by developing degree programs that lead only to high demand, high paying career fields. When the demand in a field begins to fade, Hallmark University shifts degree programs to start training students in fields that need new talent. To ensure the university provides students the outcomes they deserve, Hallmark has set an institutional goal of placing 90% of graduates into their career field within 90 days of graduation, in positions where they can achieve nearly 100% return on their educational investment in their first year on the job.

As COVID-19 spread throughout the United States, Joe prioritized the safety of Hallmark University’s students, faculty, and staff while maintaining exceptional service delivery and outcomes. Thanks to the university’s commitment to and investment in its technology infrastructure, the transition to a virtual and online classroom environment was smooth and fast, minimizing the disruption to students’ learning experience.

In all, Joe Fisher’s leadership and vision at Hallmark University has helped change the lives of thousands throughout the years since the institution’s founding over 50 years ago. Joe encourages future leaders to understand how students measure the value of their college education, especially after they have graduated and entered the workforce. He believes that once you know your student’s measure of success, ensure that it becomes yours as well. Joe believes that if students fail in their education, then Hallmark University has failed as an educator. The only measurement of success at Hallmark University is the success of its graduates.

Joe Fisher award

“ Hallmark graduates begin their new careers with experience and an advanced understanding of their field that graduates of other schools lack. ”

Joe Fisher

President & CEO Hallmark University

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