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Bush'sBeans Gets Cheeky with Limited-Edition Peyton Canning Talking Can Opener

Move over, Alexa and Siri; there’s a new voice vying for your countertop real estate: Peyton Canning. No, it’s not a rogue sportscaster, but a limited-edition talking can opener courtesy of Bush’s Beans. This culinary quirk aims to crack open those baked bean cans and inject some “bean-spiration” into your kitchen routine.

The Peyton Canning can opener boasts the unmistakable voice of football legend Peyton Manning, ready to dispense words of wisdom (and maybe a few cheesy jokes) with each crank. Imagine this: you’re battling a stubborn can, frustration mounting, when suddenly, Manning booms, “Crank that beautiful bean can opener!” A chuckle escapes your lips, the can yields, and dinner is saved.

This isn’t just about convenience and amusement. Bush’s Beans hopes to tap into Manning’s charisma and appeal to a younger, sports-loving demographic. They’re betting that a talking can opener, paired with Manning’s playful persona, can make beans cool again.

“We know beans are the perfect addition to any meal or snack spread,” says Stephen Palacios, Bush’s Beans’ Senior Vice President of Marketing and Innovation. “But shouldn’t the can opener be just as exciting?”

Exciting? Perhaps. Gimmicky? Maybe. But one thing’s certain: this campaign is sure to generate buzz. Whether it translates to increased bean sales remains to be seen. At the very least, you’ll never have a dull moment opening a can of Bush’s Beans again. Don’t blame them if your family asks for “bean spirit” for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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