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Changing the Definition of Creativity | Anu Muurinen

Anu Muurinen


Anu Muurinen, the CEO of Aamit Oy, is a senior digital leader with a wealth of experience in building and leading high-performing teams in the retail, consumer goods, and travel industries. She is a skilled communicator and collaborator, known for bringing out the best in her team members. Anu is passionate about creating a diverse and inclusive culture, which she believes is critical to fostering innovation and driving business success. Her focus on client value has led to long-term partnerships with top brands. With her leadership and expertise, Anu is committed to helping organizations achieve their digital goals and reach new heights of success in the fast-paced business landscape.

Anu’s work is about unlocking and creating value in the client’s strategic initiatives, so this means customer service and experience are the critical KPIs she strives to excel. “I make sure we are aligned and take accountability to make sure we reach the client’s Objectives and Key Results set out in the assignment,” says the born leader. “I became a leader by birth – just the fact that I have an analytical twin brother and being expressive made me the spokesman for both of us from day one (he was the quiet one, and I, yes, cried a lot when we were babies).”

In 2016, Anu did Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment test that revealed the triple-A (Activator, Arranger, Achiever) in her top 10 strengths. “This validated that I get excited easily about new stuff, I’m good at organizing things, and I feel a sense of duty to ensure things get done, too. As nothing (at least in business and in my opinion) can be accomplished alone, I learned to invite and inspire other people to join me and form a team to realize joint objectives,” adds Anu.

A Creative & Innovative Leader

Anu’s leadership style combines IQ, TQ, and EQ – Intellectual, Technology, and Emotional Quota. Her number one strength is individualization, which means she is intrigued by the unique qualities of each person. Hence, Anu spends a lot of time figuring out how different people can work together most productively – and enjoy the working collaboration, too. “I’m also a bit impatient with generalizations or “types” and, in this case, the labels of male and female leaders because I don’t want to obscure what is special and distinct about each person,” explains Anu. “Instead, I focus on the value of differences between individuals. To create and grow new business, you need creativity and innovation – these new ideas are fueled by the diversity of thinking, experience, and backgrounds each person brings to the team.”

The pioneering leader has had the great fortune of working with the most amazing people during her career – inspiring leaders like Elina Piispanen and IlkkaKivelä or ‘the retail ladies’ Elizabeth Kerppola, Antonia Degerlund, Julia Romanyuk-Laukia and Heli Moilanen, who are still a part of Anu’s life. She shares a passion for innovation with Maria Mazzone and learned the art and science of service design from working with Fjordians like Teemu Äijälä and Sami Naalisvaara. “Berit Öhn was a coach and a mentor who taught me the 10 laws of Emotional Intelligence that not only transformed my leadership style but my outlook on my life as a whole,” elucidates Anu. “Last but not least, due to confidentially, I’m not allowed to name my current clients, but really, they are the daily motivation, the source of interesting (business) challenges, and a collaboration of fun (you know who you are) every day.”

“I also have a long-term commitment and interest in sustainability and plan to deepen my expertise around ESG this year,” states Anu, a gadget freak. “Oura, iWatch, and various apps tell me how to take care of myself through eating, sleep, and exercise – I love all kinds of sports, from hiking in nature to cross-training and going to the gym. I also love reading and handicrafts, which are excellent exercises for the brain.”

Towards A Bright Future

Anu is all about continuous learning and finding ways to work on the topics she feels passionate about. Last year, in addition to starting her own practice, Anu completed the training program for board members by the Finnish Chamber of Commerce and started as a board member at Lähitaksi. She also wants to stay on top of the technological advances and get excited about the hypes – a few years ago on extended realities like AR, VR, and metaverse, and last year, the Generative AI – Anu has an AI app that she prompts daily to engage in a dialogue around both smart and silly things.

The joint success stories in teaming around clients’ transformation challenges and innovation initiatives have been gratifying for Anu. For example innovation and excellent collaboration with Lauri Toivonen and Markus Sillanpää were at the heart of an engagement at S Group, designing the omnichannel customer experience and real-time assortment management (Alepa Blockwish Chatbot) that won awards at Clio, Eurobest, and Cannes Lions 2019.

For the near future, Anu is trying to figure out what she wants to do next and has been creating dream maps with a few friends – ‘travel & points of view,’ ‘happy home,’ ‘fashion & design dreams’, and ‘color confidence.’ This shows her ability to think beyond the past and step towards the future and begin a new journey that will not only enhance her personally but also professionally. “For work, I started my own business last year, and it has truly been an inspiring journey so far – defining the future ambition is the agenda for this year. There have also been many interesting discussions around new board memberships and some career opportunities I am open to and exploring further,” she concludes.

" To create and grow new business, you need creativity and innovation - these new ideas are fueled by the diversity of thinking, experience, and backgrounds each person brings to the team. "

Anu Muurinen


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