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China's Tencent debuts large language AI model, says open for enterprise use

September 8, 2023: China’s Tencent debuts large language AI model, says open for enterprise use. The CEO of the cloud and intelligent industries group at Tencent stated.

On Tuesday, the news comes days following Baidu revealed a slew of AI-powered applications in the wake of more supportive law.

Tencent has said it was internally testing its Hunyuan AI model on advertising and fintech. The group said in an online post that the gaming and social media giant is also set to release an AI chatbot on Thursday.

Tong told that Tencent is integrating Hunyuan’s capabilities with its existing products for video conferencing and social media.

The company operates WeChat, a widely used messaging and payments app in China, and the video conference platform Tencent Meeting.

Baidu and several other Chinese companies received the green light in the last few weeks to release AI-powered chatbots to the public.

Like ChatGPT, the bots purport to respond to queries in a human-like, conversational fashion, primarily in Chinese. Some, such as Baidu’s Ernie bot, also convert text to images and video with the help of plugins.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has yet to be officially available in China. The chatbot releases follow new Chinese regulation on generative AI that took effect August 15.

When asked about the rules, Tong pointed out that such artificial intelligence is so new that no one knows how it will impact society.

“It’s prudent to put some guardrails in place,” he said. He said That will help ensure the technology or services offered are of high enough quality so they don’t create and distribute false information.

Chinese authorities said the “interim” rules that took effect last month would not apply to companies developing AI tech as long as the product was unavailable to the mass public.

That’s more relaxed than a draft released in April that said forthcoming rules would apply even at the research stage.

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