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Combining Quality with Reliability | Lorenzo Vangelisti

Combining Quality with Reliability | Lorenzo Vangelisti

Lorenzo Vangelisti

Founder, Partner and CEO

Manager and investor with over 25 years of international experience in the financial sector, Lorenzo Vangelisti is Partner and CEO of Valeur Group, an independent Firm he founded in 2010. With headquarters in Lugano and operations in Zurich, Geneva, London, Paris and Luxembourg, Valeur Group is specialized in asset management, investment advisory, research, trading, investment solutions, and real estate services. The Group aims to guarantee portfolios solidity and competitive returns to its clients through a rigorous process to identify the best investment opportunities and structure dedicated solutions. Valeur Group counts on a team of professionals highly qualified in defining value-added investment solutions across different geographies, asset classes, management styles, and objectives.

Working in a world that is evolving with incredible speed requires a deep knowledge of the markets and constant updating of skills to develop the ability of intercepting changes in advance and exploiting them to our advantage. It is not improvisation but experience that makes the difference. Lorenzo Vangelisti matured strong expertise in the financial industry, built in over 25 years of career covering roles of increasing responsibility at a leading financial firm before founding his financial firm Valeur Group. Lorenzo has deep expertise in credit and equity markets and a solid technical knowledge of financial products across asset classes.

The steadfast leader focuses on the high quality of services and products, customer care, ability to achieve results, skill to bring innovation and contribute to the healthy growth of society and, more generally, of the planet. In Lorenzo Vangelisti’s view, reliability combines all these qualities and should inspire every strategic decision.

Mentor & Inspiration

Lorenzo Vangelisti is committed to supporting young talents to develop into successful investment professionals. Since the early days, Valeur Group has selected talented and dedicated university students to join the team, educating them to deepen their knowledge of financial markets and portfolio management with the support of highly qualified investment professionals, and helping them to shape their career into the financial industry. After training these students to become successful in the industry, Valeur Group has often retained the young talents by giving them the opportunity to work and build their careers within the firm. Still today, they are a precious contribution to the company’s success, with some of them growing into senior roles.

“Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you” is the advice Lorenzo shares with his team and peers. “The goal can be reached alone, but only together can we go further. By combining everyone’s experience and skills, the path to reach the goal can acquire an even greater value and go far beyond what was initially hoped for”.

Lorenzo Vangelisti is also strongly dedicated to social causes and promotes numerous projects through Valeur Foundation, a non-profit organization he created with the aim of supporting humanitarian initiatives, cultural projects, sport associations and animals’ welfare. He has been actively involved with the initiatives of WWB Ticino, a Swiss non-profit association which supports orphan children in the area of Nairobi in Kenya and organizes fundraisers which have been fundamental in financing projects of vital importance for the local communities. Lorenzo, through Valeur Group and Valeur Foundation, has also recently instructed the investment into the Wildlife Conservation Bond (also known as Rhino Impact Bond) financial instrument conceived to support black rhinos and local communities in the Addo Elephant National Park and the Great Fish River Nature Reserve in South Africa. Through his philanthropist work, the solid leader has been making an impact not only on his team but also on individuals who surround him.

Enhancing Investment Services through Technology

Valeur Group has extensive experience in trading and providing customized investment solutions, and has embraced innovation and technology to continuously improve its services.

To further strengthen its positioning and its investment solutions offerings, in 2021 Valeur Group acquired LinkedTrade Technologies, a SaaS multi-dealer platform leading the way in the digital transformation of the Structured Products industry. Using the most advanced technologies, LinkedTrade, a London-based FinTech company, digitally connects the Buy-side and the Sell-side and offers end-to-end automation for the conception, pricing, trading, and risk monitoring of bespoke Structured Products. Since its creation, the purpose of LinkedTrade has been to make Structured Products available to all investors with a high level of transparency and to provide immediate responses to clients’ investment needs.

Valeur Group relies on the know-how of the London-based FinTech company both in terms of technological innovation and the range of investment solutions. The acquisition of SaaS multi-dealer platform LinkedTrade is contributing to expanding the Group’s investment solutions and technology edge. It has enabled Valeur Group to increase its offerings, improve its efficiency and extend its distribution channels. The acquisition falls within an investment strategy that aims to invest in innovation and technology and expand operations worldwide.

Shortly after the acquisition, Valeur Group launched Valeur Digital Platform, which combines innovation and long-term expertise to overcome industry challenges and make investing in Structured Products fast, easy, and cost-effective. Valeur empowers the wealth management industry with an easy-to-use platform and cutting-edge solutions that outperform traditional services and provide immediate responses to clients’ needs. Valeur Platform is a proven solution that saves time, reduces operational risks, and scales up distribution across multiple channels.

Together, we can go further

Since its inception, Valeur Group’s mission has been to become a safe harbor for its clients. Under the leadership of Lorenzo Vangelisti, the Group provides investors with solid portfolios and competitive returns, making excellence, responsiveness, and efficiency its main objectives. This philosophy allowed the company to develop into a solid structure and expand the range of solutions offered, ultimately achieving competitive results. Every activity, from the search for the best investment opportunities and optimal allocation to the detailed analysis of the portfolio’s construction, is carried out with a rigorous and strict discipline in decision-making processes and risk management.

Lorenzo Vangelisti Award

" The goal can be reached alone, but only together can we go further. By combining everyone’s experience and skills, the path to reach the goal can acquire an even greater value and go far beyond what was initially hoped for. "

Lorenzo Vangelisti

Founder, Partner and CEO

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