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Connecting, Motivating, Inspiring | Christian Godoy

Christian Godoy

CEO & President

Christian Godoy believes in a quote—that can be translated into words of wisdom—by Tom Hanks,

“That too shall pass. There will be days when you have all the answers. However, that too shall pass. Moreover, there will be days when everything fails. But remember, that too shall pass.”

Christian, through his industry experience understands that to be a successful leader and motivator, one must connect, motivate, and inspire a sense of ownership of shared objectives. Heightening the capacity to lead others requires seeing how a leader thinks and acts and how their behavior affects others. Leading well requires a continuous journey of personal development. According to Christian, CEO & President of Lares Research, the journey to finding one’s idea of success is a long marathon filled with ups and downs. But, trying to enjoy the journey alone while taking time to celebrate any victories, no matter how big or small, will help anyone learn to enjoy the ride. “For me, any success worth remembering always took a significant amount of time varying from a 90 day new product introduction versus a 3-4 year contract negotiation.” says Christian. “In global medical manufacturing, the next conquest or obstacle is always a day away. My strong advice to everyone is to try to take an hour or evening to enjoy your wins because the good times never last in a hypercompetitive industry such as mine.”

Christian is a results-driven business development professional with a proven track record of delivering exceptional revenue growth and expanding market share. He has been hailed as a strategic leader with over 15 years of experience devising and executing innovative sales strategies to drive business success. Skilled in building high-performing sales teams and forging strong strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, Christian demonstrated expertise in identifying new business opportunities, negotiating lucrative deals, and fostering long-term customer relationships. Adept at analyzing market trends and competitive landscapes to develop data-backed strategies, Christian is committed to driving organizational excellence and achieving ambitious sales targets.

A life lesson that has been true since the dawn of time is that failures or setbacks are guaranteed in business or life. The ability to survive and thrive through the losses will help shape you for the inevitable macroeconomic variables that lay before everyone. Regarding leadership, leading by example and tackling tasks or projects that are not within your scope of work will display your willingness to help the company or a customer, no matter how big or small the task is at hand. 

Employees, customers, and managers take note of people that are willing to do anything to get the job done! Whether it is helping set up or cleaning up an event or volunteering to take ownership of a project that everyone is unwilling to perform.

Redefining & Balancing

As the CEO & President of Lares Research, Christian develops and refines the company’s overall strategic direction and long-term goals. He leads the decision-making process on various aspects of business, including international new market development, financial matters, resource allocation, selecting appropriate verticals to reallocate resources to attack, and developing well-balanced growth strategies.

Developing a robust human capital pipeline was a significant shift in organizational culture under Christian’s leadership. He assisted everyone in understanding that the younger generation of workers or managers must feel empowered to provide input that impacts all areas of the strategic plan, including but not limited to the R&D pipeline, production efficiencies, new and bold marketing tactics, etc. Moreover, reclaiming its position as an innovator and manufacturer of high-quality medical equipment from California, U.S.A. was also a change in branding that impacted the organization and how the medical/dental practitioners viewed Lares Research.

Christian modernized the company’s ability to track and analyze KPIs across all the functional silos by using Microsoft Power BI software, allowing every employee to understand their throughput compared to their counterparts easily. Any underperforming employees would not feel secure, but for the most part, most employees improved their performances because they could visibly see what is possible to sell, build, assemble, repair, etc. Instilling competition was a radical new idea for Lares Research, but it improved efficiencies, enhanced the AOS and ASP in each order that was sold, and it optimized our marketing which maximized our investments by increasing the ROI on each marketing mechanism that we deployed.

Building A Company 

According to Christian, the post-pandemic world has accelerated consolidation across all industries. Therefore, identifying “blue ocean” strategies in any industry or category will enable a company to discover and master a niche to disrupt its space. Today, a company has to be able to adapt and change faster than ever to survive or compete against large corporate machines. “Understanding what your company does better than anyone else and extrapolating that ability will not only support your organization’s viability but also will aid you in your market share, awareness, or profitability growth. Innovation differentiation is a phrase that I live by,” elucidates Christian.  

The pioneering leader installed Microsoft Power BI software to manage the business by evidence-based decision-making better. This allows companies to micro-analyze each functional silo in real-time. Lares Research can identify strengths and weaknesses at any level to pivot strategic initiatives to optimize what tactics are working or failing. “The ability to observe and analyze every aspect of your company in automated reporting, which can be revised or updated at any minute, alleviates countless hours of running reports and validating the reports are correct,” explains Christian. “Lares Research is one of the only companies in the dental industry that offers a 24-hour turnaround time in repairs. This digital transformation enables the company to operate more efficiently and effectively by utilizing evidence-based decision-making reports that mitigate the guessing game across all functions including but not limited to repair turnaround, complaint management, warranty/non-warranty repairs, sales optimization, marketing effectiveness, production output, etc.”

This digital transformation and modernizing their automated, robust business review platform allows Lares Research to identify areas of weakness or growth more rapidly. As the company grows in scale across the globe, it can accelerate its decision-making while mitigating any areas of the business that are not profitable or effective. There is never a single obstacle or challenge. The roadblocks come in abundance, and companies need to be able to make decisions more quickly while simultaneously accounting for as many challenges that were initially present or became present throughout the year.  

Towards A Great Future

One of the first significant projects Christian spearheaded was developing a robust online and in-person training program with a highly structured onboarding program. Before this, Lares Research needed a well-structured training or onboarding program. Christian understood that when he succeeds at growing the organization by securing strategic partnerships globally, the ability to deploy a streamlined yet effective training program for internal and external sales or marketing new hires will be pivotal to the organization’s future success.  

In the near future, Christian and his team aim to disrupt and grow. “I challenge the management team on a weekly basis to identify areas of improvement such as but not limited to production quality, marketing effectiveness, or sales optimization.  Our goal is to be the best in every aspect of business whether it be engineering, production, product testing, sales, marketing, etc.  In marketing and R&D innovation pipeline meetings, I am always asking for innovation differentiation,” adds Christian. “Our end goal is to make the life of the medical professional easier, more efficient, but more effective. If we can achieve this goal, then the patient care experience will be the best in the world. At the end of the day, improving patient care is our primary objective.”

" Our end goal is to make the life of the medical professional easier, more efficient, but more effective. If we can achieve this goal, then the patient care experience will be the best in the world. At the end of the day, improving patient care is our primary objective. "

Christian Godoy

CEO & President

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