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Connecting People Worldwide | Wallace Davis

Connecting People Worldwide | Wallace Davis

Wallace Davis


Wallace Davis, CEO of TravelWifi and military veteran, has been around the military for the last 33 years and has seen a lot of different wars. During that time, he noticed that when communicating back to family and loved ones, forms of communication were always lagging. He got the initial idea to use satellite when the fiber would go down for communication. His goal has always been to have a complete product that allowed soldiers to contact their families from when they walked out their door to when they came back home. “Our current products allow that to be possible by providing a device that works in over 130 different countries. So regardless of where they go, they remain in contact with their families. That is the reasoning and the design and the creative force behind why we have these services,” says Wallace. TravelWifi is a global communications provider that strives to provide customers with the necessities for a life of adventure.

According to Wallace, the company’s brand themes “go further” and “next dimension of travel” capture what they are trying to accomplish with every new product and service that they launch.

“We started out with basic internet service and have now reached another dimension with our hotspot devices,” explains Wallace.

 “As you will soon see, we’re getting into the online travel business, and will soon offer anywhere from travel chargers and accessories to overnight bags. We want to give our customers a one stop for all things travel to help take them wherever they want to go.”

Technology has become a crucial part of our everyday lives, and one can do everything from shopping to planning their travels. If you are connected to the internet and have a device, you can handle almost everything on the go. But, going abroad means you are fated to have some data connectivity problems or take a local sim altogether, which creates a lot of hassle. Addressing this need, TravelWifi was established to support people traveling with innovative travel solutions, simplifying the difficulties of travel necessities (tickets, Wi-Fi, accessories) so they can concentrate on exploring the world to its fullest potential.

Travelers don’t need to search for telecom stores to purchase and insert SIM cards or purchase data plans in each country they visit. In addition, travelers can bypass “free Wi-Fi” hubs, which are often an easy target for hackers. TravelWifi users can save hundreds of dollars on each trip by not using their smartphone as a hotspot. TravelWifi enables you to add to your data or enter a new SIM card electronically through CloudSIM technology for seamless connectivity. TravelWifi hotspots are powerful yet easy to use. Their cloud infrastructure provides reliable speeds instantly by automatically connecting you to the leading network or carrier in your area. You get the most vital connection possible in the palm of your hand. Eliminating the need to shop in crowded malls and bazaars for SIM cards and data became an excellent advantage for the company during the height of Covid-19.

One of the TravelWifi critical competitive edges is having the military as a client. Having military travelers, like travelers on steroids, forced TravelWifi to find solutions for the variance in their travels. “A solider could be deployed 2 weeks to 2 months. We wanted to find solutions that wouldn’t tie them to a contract but would also offer a fair affordable price,” elucidates Wallace. “Our solution for that translated to all our customers because purchasing the bulks amounts of data allowed for better pricing across the board. Another thing that we do different from competitors is the fact that we offer you connection to the strongest signal without the limitations of only being connected to one specific companies towers.”

For TravelWifi, the most significant achievement is providing a service that, for the first time in history, allows for soldiers or department of defense employees deploying to remain connected to their loved ones from the time they leave the house till arriving at their new home on base. In the past, soldiers would have to use MWR all the way there at the military hat, and then once they got on the ground, they would figure out they had Internet. “We have been able to fill in the gap of them leaving out and coming back. And even if they’re overseas and they go different places while they were there, that hung that over 130 countries that we have to provide connectivity to their loved ones. Their loved ones back home is where we see the revolutionary approach.”

TravelWifi is coming out with a sapphire tablet. It’s the next evolution when they talk about virtual SIM technology. They are also coming out with 5G capable devices that will add some new dynamics to this industry, including E Sims. “We could not have done this without our partnership with The Army and airforce exchange. I think this was a great example of our government and the industry doing it right. They had an issue and we devised a solution with them in mind,” says Wallace. “We continue to build the relationship and help whenever possible. We were recently asked to visit bases housing the Afghan nationals and offer our services to help keep them connected.”

TravelWifi that recently rebranded from DHI Telecom Group — acquired the Wifi Republic in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Indonesian firm maintains a network of around 10,000 drop points for mobile hotspots through Indonesian convenience stores Alfamart and Indomaret. Wifi Republic has physical locations throughout Indonesia in Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang Selatan, Surabaya, Bali, Depok, Batam, Medan, Semarang, Bogor and Depok.

“It just makes sense for Wifi Republic to join the growing family of TravelWifi companies,” says Wallace Davis. “The acquisition further strengthens our goal to become a global leader of mobile Wi-Fi solutions.” The acquisition of Wifi Republic is TravelWifi’s sixth to date. The Houston company has acquired providers of mobile Wi-Fi hotspots and SIM cards based in the U.K., France, Singapore, and Latin America. In June 2019, the Houston company acquired French-based startup Travel WiFi, which provides portable Wi-Fi devices to be picked up at Paris-area airports and other retail locations. “We examined how we want the world to know us. The TravelWifi name encapsulates our mission and resonates with our audiences.”

Wallace Davis Award

“We exist for the explorers and heroes — the ones traveling for business, pleasure, or the military. Our company’s vision is to offer solutions to travelers for TravelWifi to provide all the connectivity resources they need. We want to lead the future of travel, empowering customers to take advantage of every opportunity by believing in the power of possibility.”

Wallace Davis

CEO of TravelWifi

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