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Deutsche Bank is logging 11th quarterly earnings, reveals job stakes

April 28, 2023: -On Thursday, Deutsche Bank reported a net profit of 1.158 billion euros for the initial quarter, which emerges from a turbulent month that saw it swept up in the market fearing a global banking crisis.

Net profit attributable to shareholders exceeded a consensus forecast of 864.54 million euros produced, up from 1.06 billion euros for the initial quarter of 2022.

This stated an 11th straight quarter of profit for the German lender after completing a sweeping restructuring plan that began in 2019 to cut costs and improve profitability.

“Our first quarter results put the relevance of our Global Hausbank strategy to the clients and underscore that we are on track to meeting or going over our 2025 targets,” stated CEO Christian Sewing.

“We aim to accelerate the execution of our strategy through several measures stated that raising our ambitions for operational efficiency, improving capital efficiency to drive coming back and support shareholder distributions, and seizing chances to outperform our revenue growth targets.”

The report nevertheless showed deposits decreased over the quarter to 592 billion euros, starting from 621.5 billion euros in 2022. The bank said the refusal was “driven by increased price competition, normalization from elevated stages in the prior dual quarters and market volatility at the quarter’s end.

Deutsche’s corporate bank net earnings came in at 2 billion for the quarter, up 35% every year and the highest quarterly figure starting from the launch of its transformation program. Net interest income was the main driver, increasing by 71%.

Therefore, the bank also flagged job cuts for non-client-facing staff and reported a sharper-than-expected 19% fall in investment bank earnings yearly.

“The bank is implementing additional efficiency steps across the front office and infrastructure,” it stated.

“These include strict limitations which increase in non-client facing areas, focused reductions in management layers, which streams the mortgage platform and further downsizing the technology centre in Russia.”

Other data highlights for the quarter.

Earnings came in at 7.7 billion euros, increased from 7.33 billion euros in the initial quarter of 2022, instead of what the bank called “challenging conditions in fiscal markets” in the quarter.

Provision for credit losses made at 372 million euros, corresponded to 292 million euros before a year.

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