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Driving Motivation to Achieve Greatness

Driving Motivation to Achieve Greatness | Dr. Coralee Mueller

Dr. Coralee Mueller

President & CEO of NeuroVision Therapy

Dr. Coralee Mueller, President & CEO, NeuroVision Therapy, actively cultivates a solid corporate culture based on a genuine love of people.  She actively implements the corporate culture by living and breathing the company’s core values and noble purpose with the NeuroVision team. Coralee deliberately and selectively surrounds herself with exceptional, high-performance people to work with, formulating the NeuroVision “A” team.  Consistent emphasis on employee retention and engagement, allows them to maintain the environment positioned for innovation. She consciously appreciates and conveys her state of certainty and steadiness when surrounded by a world of uncertainty, empowering the team at NeuroVision to maintain their positive internal state. Focusing on gratitude and higher purpose for the greatest good of all, conveys the sense that they are all part of something bigger than themselves, and the driving motivation to achieve that greatness to share with ourselves and others.


Coralee is dedicated to looking for opportunities to improve in every aspect of the business, and committed to seeing every situation as an opportunity to grow.  She is always open to new ideas and constantly looking for ways to innovate their services and systems to be more efficient and increase results.  She is highly adaptable in creating solutions to new situations.  And she is always looking ahead to what’s developing in the industry so they can position themselves at the leading edge; being poised as leaders in the industry into the future, and influencing positive change in people’s lives.

Fighting roadblocks

According to Coralee, the most significant barrier in her career has been herself! “It’s about me being responsible for my own limitations, energy, health, situation, power, results, and harmonizing my own masculine and feminine energies.” She adds, “the barriers have been from my own perceived limitations rooted in my beliefs and perceptions from my upbringing, childhood, education and environment”.

The day Coralee decided to incorporate NeuroVision Therapy was when she realized that she was the choke-hold on her success in business and career. “I had been the one holding myself down because of my own limiting beliefs about what I was able to accomplish, and my own limiting beliefs surrounding my own value and self-worth,” adds Coralee. “The day I got rid of these limiting beliefs was the day I decided to found NeuroVision.  I have come to learn that this is not uncommonly the case for many professionals and entrepreneurs.  The significant barrier has been learning how to get out of my own way, to stop undervaluing myself and my abilities, recognize my own power, realize my gifts that I have to offer, and owning my ability to contribute to the world at a higher level.”

As a business owner, a doctor, and a therapist, having children gave Coralee a more profound and higher level of awareness. They made her more in tune and more precise with her patients, purpose, business, ability to provide therapy, and drive to create positive change in the world.  “I spent most of my life and career exercising my masculine energy and abandoning my feminine. This prevented me from bringing a necessary nurturing element to my family life with my kids, myself, and my business.  And this was a significant barrier to elevating my level of performance and capabilities both personally and professionally,” elucidates Coralee. “In order to become the dynamic and empowering leader that I am, and to be adaptable to situations that respond best to different types of energy, I had to uncover how to manage my own masculine and feminine sides. Embracing both energies as a female is what allows me to be the best of myself and create the best results in my company.”

Inspiring and empowering women

“I just inspire! And how I do it is through leading by example with passion and enthusiasm.  It starts with me empowering myself.  I have learned that to make an empowering change in others I first must make that change in myself,” explains Coralee. “And I am continually working on myself.  Self-care in body, mind, and spirit is crucial.  I promote the principles of believing in yourself, realizing your value, managing your own internal state, and owning your power.” Coralee participates in forums and builds connection and community with entrepreneurs across varied sectors.   They support each other, participate in wisdom sharing and enable each other to become better communicators and educators in their fields.  

Coralee’s role model is Marianne Williamson. “She is a strong, brilliant, multi-dimensional, beautiful woman. She is grounded in love and being a force for good in this world.  She takes massive action to create positive transformational change.  All these things I aspire to be.”  Armed with such a pioneering mindset, Coralee has been taking the company to great heights.

Building the Future      

NeuroVision Therapy was born because Coralee was driven to provide for the population’s unmet and largely unrecognized visual needs. “You see, when I was a kid, I struggled in school with reading, focus and attention. The cause of my difficulty was never uncovered until it became apparent to me in university that it was related to the cooperation of my brain and my eyes” says Coralee. “That was the inception of my insatiable appetite to solve these neurovisual problems. Our populations that are affected by neurovision deficits tend to be kids with academic difficulties, people who have had a concussion or suffer from post-concussion syndrome, and adults who are high achievers with reduced productivity due to focusing issues.”

“NeuroVision Therapy is dedicated to helping people uncover higher potential by developing the brain through the vision system. It addresses the pain points in the vision care and neuro-rehab industry in that we recognize vision to be more than eyesight and healthy eyeballs.  This allows us to address all the otherwise overlooked functional and neurological aspects of vision that affect focus, attention, reading and digital screen tolerance.”  Coralee explains.  “Many people are searching for answers to these unaddressed and debilitating problems. We provide solutions to help them be more productive.   And NeuroVision Therapy aims to address the bottlenecks in our industry that surround accessibility to care either by location or wait times,” adds Coralee.

One of the biggest achievements in providing their revolutionary approach has been the successful design and implementation of their digital pivot.  Their virtual telemedicine care model, utilizing their proprietary TRIVON training and therapy system (having cornerstones of Vision Therapy and NeuroDevelopmental Movement), has allowed them exponential capacity to meet the population demands.  It dramatically increases accessibility to care by increasing the geographic reach and volume they can accommodate.

“We have several exciting upcoming product launches.” Coralee expands.   NeuroVision Therapy will be releasing an on-line NeuroVision Sports Training Module early next year, that is designed to enhance sports performance through neurovisual training.  They are also preparing to launch NeuroVision Therapy’s on-line Therapist Training Module, along with the expansion of virtual NeuroVision Therapists to increase accessibility to care.  And they are presently developing AI functional vision diagnostic technology for telemedicine applications.  This has the capability to dramatically increase population screening, and promote more opportunity for people to uncover higher potential and live a fuller life.  

Dr. Coralee Mueller Award

“The day I got rid of these limiting beliefs was the day I decided to found NeuroVision. NeuroVision Therapy is dedicated to helping people uncover higher potential by developing the brain through the vision system.”

Dr. Coralee Mueller

President & CEO of NeuroVision Therapy

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