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Elon Musk's $182 billion net cost smashes Guinness World Record

Elon Musk's $182 billion net cost smashes Guinness World Record

January 12, 2023: -Elon Musk can add the recent championship to his resume, understood as Guinness World Record holder.

The “Technoking” of Tesla is pushing it into the record notes grateful to an abysmal 2022, which experiences his fortune shrink by $182 billion, the organization announced in a release that cited data from Forbes on Friday.

Guinness noted that although “the exact figure is nearly impossible to ascertain,” with a few outlets estimating that he lost over $200 billion, the Twitter owner detonated the last record, a $58.6 billion loss by Japanese investor Masayoshi Son.

Musk shrunk the fortune mainly due to the steep slide of Tesla shares, which lost nearly 65% of their value in the company’s worst year.

The loss knocked him off his perch as the wealthiest man in the world, a title lately held by luxury goods magnate Bernard Arnault.

Of course, Musk isn’t the billionaire whose fortune took a reach in 2022. American billionaires collectively lost $660 billion in the previous year, Make It previously reported.

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The 53-year-old’s wealth refused spared Amazon founder Jeff Bezos which stated the Guinness World Record. Bezos’s almost $80 billion loss in 2022 would have given him the “significant loss” title were it not for Musk.

Fellow tech CEO Mark Zuckerberg broke Masayoshi Son’s record with his $78 billion loss.

Musk’s fortune once sat at nearly $320 billion in late 2021. As of January 10, Forbes measures his net worth at $142.1 billion, making him the No. 2 richest person worldwide, ahead of Gautam Adani from India.

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