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Elon Musk is laying his thoughts on Twitter's current validation method

Elon Musk is laying his thoughts on Twitter's current validation method

October 3, 2022: -On Tuesday, Elon Musk laid out a series of ideas for a new user verification process for Twitter, which he received for $44 billion.

In a thread of tweets, Musk criticized the existing system, which gives a blue check mark, or guarantees, to notable users like politicians, press members, managers, and different people and organizations. It has been used as a way for users to understand that the check mark means the account exists legitimate. Other social networks, like Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, support similar verification systems.

Musk said he would give “power to the people” by offering verification through Twitter Blue for $8 a month. He said participants would get priority in mentions, reactions, and exploration, receive half as many ads, and would be able to tweet long tapes and audio.

He added that a secondary tag would appear below the names of users who are public figures, which, as Musk pointed out, already exists for politicians.

The Tesla CEO also said Twitter Blue subscribers would be given a “paywall bypass” for publishers helpful to work with the social media platform. He claimed this method would “destroy the bots” by increasing the “cost of crime on Twitter by several orders of magnitude,” adding that any Blue account that engages with spam will be suspended.

It is still being decided if these changes will be implemented.

Musk’s thread follows an earlier report from The Verge Sunday that said the tech billionaire was thinking of charging as much as $19.99 monthly for the Twitter Blue subscription. According to the report, Twitter employees were reportedly told that they have until November 7 to launch the feature, or they will be removed.

The Tesla chief executive, who also is CEO of reusable rocket maker SpaceX, completed the acquisition of Twitter on October 28 and made his mark there. He immediately fired the company’s CEO, chief financial officer, and policy and legal group leaders and dissolved Twitter’s board of directors.

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