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Elon Musk is preparing an A.I. initiative known as "TruthGPT" to compete with OpenAI and DeepMind

April 19, 2023: Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter CEO Elon Musk, known for federal regulation of A.I. technology, in a taped discussion on Fox News Channel.

On Monday, Musk revealed in an interview that he wants to start a new A.I. initiative known as “TruthGPT” because he fears that existing A.I. businesses are training their systems to be “politically correct.”

The celebrity CEO spoke at length about his A.I. fears and ambitions at Twitter, the social media firm he acquired in a $44 billion deal in October 2022. He is discussing Tesla or SpaceX in detail with Carlson during the interview segment on Monday.

On Tuesday, Part Two is scheduled to air on Fox.

Musk stated that Carlson envisions a regulatory agency that “initially seeks insight into A.I., then solicits opinion, and then has proposed making norms,” something such as the Federal Aviation Administration and how it has come to work with aviation and aerospace companies. With an agency and industry-accepted rules, “I think we’ll have a better chance of advanced A.I. being beneficial to humanity,” Musk said.

The centibillionaire, co-founder of Neuralink and The Boring Co., said he wants to begin a new A.I. initiative called “TruthGPT” and is willing to be a “maximum truth-seeking A.I. that tries to know the nature of the universe.”

Yet, Musk is signing a letter calling for a pause on advanced A.I. research, which he and others believe can harm society.

“Contemporary A.I. systems are becoming human-competitive at general tasks, and we must ask ourselves. Should we allow machines to flood our information platforms with propaganda and untruth?” the letter read.

The recent technology would compete with similar efforts by Sam Altman-led OpenAI, funded by Musk, Google’s DeepMind and other A.I. initiatives worldwide.

“I think this might be the path to safety, in the sense that an A.I. that cares regarding understanding the universe, it is doubtful to annihilate humans as we are an interesting part of the universe,” Musk stated on the show.

Musk further stated that he worries that current A.I. technology is “being trained to be politically correct, which is simply one more way of saying untruthful things.”

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