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Elon Musk is thinking closing all of Twitter behind a paywall

Elon Musk is thinking closing all of Twitter behind a paywall

November 09, 2022: -Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, considers which puts the entire platform behind, according to a report from Platformer.

Platformer said it’s not clear how serious the idea might be and said such a move, if implemented, “does not appear imminent.” But it shows Musk can generate recent revenue from the platform he acquired for $44 billion. He said Twitter had had a ‘huge’ revenue drop as some advertisers paused spending.

A platform-wide paywall marks Musk’s latest musing about how to generate income for Twitter.

Musk has also laid out a series of ideas for a recent user verification process for Twitter through its subscription service Twitter Blue, leading to confusion about the platform’s policy changes and spending pauses from some advertisers.

In areas of Tweet, Musk said he would give “power to the people” by offering verification in Twitter Blue for $8 a month. He said participants would get value in mentions, replies, and search, receive half as many advertisements, and will be able to tweet long videos and audio.

Twitter began rolling out transform to its platform for a few users on Saturday in preparation for its revamped Twitter Blue service launch, but reportedly plans to delay the launch until after Tuesday’s midterm elections.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO acquired Twitter last month for $44 billion, and his impact was felt immediately. He dismissed CEO Parag Agrawal, Twitter’s chief financial officer, and its head of legal, public policy, and trust and safety upon taking over the company. Twitter laid off approximately half of its employees days later.

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