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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Facebook, the social media giant, has allegedly decided to consider hiding “likes” for testing purposes. In the recent, the company has already performed similar tests on Instagram, in an attempt to assist users break their fixation with competing for likes.

According to the sources, prominent data miner Jane Manchun Wong was the first to discover Facebook’s move to conduct the experiment on its Android platforms. Moreover, the company had publicly announce its intention to test the removal of likes, which was also confirmed by an earlier TechCrunch report.

Once implemented, Facebook users will no longer be able to view the total number of likes or reactions to a post. On the other hand, the user who created the post will still be able to see the like or react list without any specific number. Wong further pointed out that the number of likes and reactions on comments were still viewable with this feature turned on.

While the like has been a key Facebook feature for a decade, users have increasingly complained that it affects their mental stability, due to the societal pressure that is related to receiving likes and gaining followers. In some extreme cases, people have also resided to completely stop uploading images or remove posts that don’t perform as per their expectations.

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