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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Fox recently revealed that they had made a deal with to use their measurement and attribution of data to show advertisers how their different categories of commercials work on Fox. The whole deal results in providing data to the advertisers on how much lift their brands get from commercials running on Fox’s properties comparing it with the lift they get on television. The market is gradually changing, and now networks are considering to provide advertisers data about how their commercials are working on their particular platform.

Especially with these databases, it aids the advertising companies who run marketing objectives relating to web traffic, app downloads store visits and general sales. The deal looks to be a great move for Fox, as the statistics on iSpot shows that the network has been a strong performer in returning investments on brands.

It is important to note that overall ads on Fox provide an average incremental lift of 28.1% more than the average ranging across 17 different categories of iSpot measure. The Fox Network has been a star performer in returning investment and has been considerably ahead of the industry average. Their particularly great performances came in travel, media, communication, restaurant, wireless, speciality retail and auto.

In this regard, Fox executive VP, sales research insight & strategy, Audrey Steele, stated, “Fox is committed to providing the most current and reliable outcome measurement capabilities to our brand partners. We are pleased to be working with iSpot to unlock new layers of support for the value of TV advertising and, in particular, the sales-driving strength of Fox’s leading sports, news and entertainment networks.”

This deal will help Fox to bring new advertisers with the trusted partnership of iSpot and brands looking at the record and statistics will be eager to come to them. They will be better off dealing in dollars with Fox than any other remote networks. In the meantime, some networks have openly guaranteed advertiser of a certain lift in their commercials on particular marketing objectives and have started selling their ads making promises.

Having iSpot on their side Fox will be able to validate advertisers to reach their target audience with their different categories present in various networks and genres to a huge part of the audience. It is a very logical partner to have due to their Big-Data approach towards advertising.

“Fox has a long history of trailblazing the TV industry into the future, and this measurement integration is yet another example of incorporating next-generation technologies for the benefit of its customers,” said Stu Schwartzapfel, senior VP of media partnerships at iSpot.

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