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Giant snowstorm heads for the US east coast

Giant snowstorm heads for the US east coast

February 2, 2021: Cities on the east coast of the US, including New York and Boston, are bracing up to 60cm of snow as a significant winter storm approach.

Wind gusts of up to 80km are forecast for several days creating blinding, blowing snow.

According to National Weather Service, snow is expected to begin late Sunday night in parts of Pennsylvania, New York state, and New England.

An emergency has been declared in New York City.

Coronavirus vaccinations re-scheduled. Three-quarters of flights into John F Kennedy Airport are canceled, and the schools are also expected to be closed.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Twitter. “This winter storm will be dangerous with heavy snowfall and strong winds. If you can stay home, stay home.”

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has declared a state of emergency, giving authorities the ability to shut roads and evacuate homes.

Jersey suspended public transport as well throughout the state on Monday.

The snowstorm already hit the west coast, with California experiencing more than 2m of snow last week.

Many have been seen enjoying the snow in front of the capital’s iconic landmarks in Washington DC.

President Joe Biden has met advisers to discuss “a range of issues, including the approaching winter storm,” a White House official said.

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