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Godzilla vs Kong $60 million domestically, the pandemic's best box office haul

Godzilla vs. Kong $60 million domestically

April 15, 2021: -On Saturday, Warner Bros., which produced the movie alongside Legendary, revealed that its film Godzilla vs Kong had gained $60 million in its domestic box office, which makes it the highest-grossing film to be released in the current pandemic. Previously, another Warner Bros. film known as Tenet held the record with $58.5 million, secured in its theatrical run in the previous year.

As it stands, Warner Bros.′ films currently represent four out of the top five highest-grossing films released in the pandemic. “Tenet” is the second-highest, “Wonder Woman 1984,” which tallied $46.2 million in the fourth, and “Tom and Jerry,” which was at $40.3 million, is fifth.

“It’s beginning to look like summer in April as Godzilla vs Kong crossed box-office milestones that would have been unthinkable a few weeks before,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore.

Godzilla vs Kong has shattered several records since it opened on March 31. The film posted the largest opening weekend since the pandemic started, with $32.2 million on its first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in theaters.

It also opened in above 3,000 theaters in North America over the weekend, the most of any film during the pandemic, had the most significant opening day on Wednesday with $9.6 million and the largest single-day on Saturday with $12.5 million. The film signals that consumers are eager to head to the cinema for new blockbuster features and suggests that the summer slate could see success.

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