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Harnessing Positive Energy | Munir Khalifa

Munir Khalifa

Owner & CEO

Leaders should believe that hard work is the foundation of success because it can lead to improved results, personal growth, increased confidence, a sense of accomplishment, career advancement, and more tremendous success. Hard work can help people develop character, motivate themselves, overcome hardships, and achieve their goals. It can also help individuals develop new skills and abilities, leading to personal growth and development. By putting in extra effort and time, one can improve the quality and quantity of their work, leading to better results and outcomes. Hard work can also provide a sense of accomplishment and lead to tremendous success. Therefore, leaders should encourage their team members to work hard and strive for excellence.

MunirKhalifa, the Owner & CEO of MixJet Flight Support, is one such leader, hence he is one of the Top 20 European CEOs in the Aviation Industry.He is a man who loves creativity, design, and determination and believes that hard work is the foundation of success. 

He emphasizes the importance of teamwork in achieving success, stating that leadership lies in taking responsibility, guiding, motivating, improving, appreciating, and celebrating the team for their achievements. He also acknowledges that failure is not the end but an opportunity to rise and adapt. Munir firmly believes in proper planning, organization, honesty, and credibility for success in work and life.

Culminating into A Dynamic Leader

Munir credits creative ideas to stem from accumulated experience, knowledge, thinking outside the box, and necessity – the mother of invention. Sometimes, failure and setbacks can drive and lead to the creation of astonishingly creative ideas that others might not conceive. “It’s crucial to draw on and analyze ideas from your team, enhancing and transforming them into creative solutions. I strongly encourage my team to innovate and bring new ideas that elevate our company’s work,” he says. “I ensure to give credit where it’s due, highlighting individual contributions, which fosters gratitude and respect within the team.”

He highlights a crucial topic frequently asked by the youth: how an employee can transition from a job to establishing their own business. Munir explains that there are two types of employees: one who is satisfied with their job, seeks a steady income and security for their family, and needs to consider other options. The second type aspires to start their own business, regardless of risks. For these aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s essential to have faith and desire to achieve this goal while minimizing risks. “I advise you not to quit your job immediately when pursuing your dream. Dedicate about 25% of your time to your project while still employed,” he expounds. “If your project starts generating about 60% of your current salary, you can consider leaving your job to focus fully on your venture. With only 25% of your time, imagine the success when dedicated 100% if it yields such results.”

He states that achieving success is not easy; it requires hard work, perseverance, overcoming challenges, and taking risks. A key factor is believing in oneself, feeling internally successful, and understanding that true success is self-defined, not determined by others. Success sometimes requires taking risks, but it’s crucial to engage in calculated risks that don’t destroy the company. Just as one calculates profits, one should also anticipate and calculate potential losses. Therefore, any risk should be at most 20 to 30 percent of the company’s capital. This way, even if the risk results in a loss, it won’t significantly impact the company’s ongoing operations.

“Harnessing positive energies around you towards achieving your goals is vital. My own success wasn’t easy and took considerable time to materialize,” elucidates Munir. “My role model is anyone who has achieved success in their field, but my admiration isn’t limited to their accomplishments alone. I look up to those who combine success with good character, loyalty, honesty, humility, adherence to principles, and respect for others. When a person embodies all these qualities, they become a life and work inspiration to me.

Building A Great Company

MixJet Flight Support stands at the forefront of aviation services and is dedicated to transforming the journey of aircraft operators into a seamless and hassle-free experience. Their mission is deeply rooted in the philosophy of offering a comprehensive, one-stop solution for all aviation needs. MixJet Flight Support is unwavering in its commitment to delivering unparalleled service quality, ensuring every aspect of flight operations is meticulously catered to. By continuously striving for excellence and innovation, they aim to propel MixJet Flight Support to new heights in the industry.


With over ten years of experience, MixJet Flight Support has established excellent relations with CAAs globally. Their clients can rely on them to arrange all required flight permits quickly and efficiently. Their permit department has long experience in the flight services sector. It is up-to-date with the latest permit procedures and clauses applicable for private jets, cargo aircraft, passenger flights, air ambulances, executive flights, etc.

MixJet Flight Support prides itself on offering a full suite of comprehensive solutions tailored to the aviation industry. Their services encompass everything from meticulous flight planning and permit clearance to efficient fueling and expert ground handling. A testament to MixJet Flight Support’s capabilities is its collaboration with Antonov Airlines. Over the past decade, they have significantly uplifted their operations, providing more than 35 million liters of Jet A1 fuel. Moreover, the MixJet Flight Support team has skillfully managed ground handling and permit clearance for over 15,000 flights across all seven continents, showcasing their global reach and expertise in meeting diverse aviation needs.

One of MixJet Flight Support’s crowning achievements is establishing the International Aviation Services Organization (IASO) in Geneva in 2015. This groundbreaking initiative fills a 70-year void in the aviation industry, addressing the long-neglected needs of ground service providers who previously needed more proper representation and a voice. As a founding member of IASO, MixJet Flight Support has been instrumental in tackling the challenges faced by our peers, offering a robust platform for dialogue and solution-finding. The organization is dedicated to educating, improving, and representing its members, with a steadfast goal to advance the common cause and elevate the standards of the aviation services sector.

In the dynamic landscape of aviation, it’s clear that companies with a stronghold in the supply chain possess the potential to become significant players in the operator segment. MixJet Flight Support is pursuing this trajectory, aiming to broaden its product spectrum by acquiring an Air Operator Certificate (AOC). Their goal is to emerge as a distinguished charter operator, boasting of their own fleet of aircraft. Under the visionary leadership of Munir, MixJet Flight Support is poised to redefine luxury air travel in the region, blending ultra-luxury services with quality and convenience. “This strategy leverages our extensive network of suppliers and Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) to ensure a seamless experience. Given the booming regional market, MixJet Flight Support is uniquely positioned to become the operator of choice for discerning businesspeople and VIPs, building on our reputation for delivering top-notch services across a diverse client base,” concludes Munir.

" Given the booming regional market, MixJet Flight Support is uniquely positioned to become the operator of choice for discerning businesspeople and VIPs, building on our reputation for delivering top-notch services across a diverse client base. "

Munir Khalifa

Owner & CEO

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