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H&M has been vocal about the need for transformation in the fashion industry's production and consumption practices

September 15, 2023: H&M has been vocal about transforming the fashion industry’s production and consumption practices.

The company has established several industries to reduce its environmental impact, including a clothing rental service and now a second-hand clothing collection.

With the EU planning new regulations to tackle textile waste, H&M is proactively addressing environmental concerns.

With the European Union planning new regulations to crack down on textile waste in the bloc, H&M has said it is “part of the problem” and that how fashion is produced and consumed needs to change.

The “PRE-LOVED” womenswear collection at H&M’s Regent Street store will include garments from several other brands, designers, and H&M group brands, including Arket, Cos, Monki, and Weekday.

It will be the second H&M store to offer second-hand clothes after Barcelona opened earlier this year. H&M also has an online second-hand offering in Sweden and Germany.

The autumn-winter 2023 collection of second-hand offerings will include metallic dresses and shirts, trench coats, and “trendy knits,” H&M said, adding new items daily.

The garments will be sourced from Flamingos Vintage Kilo, a company that runs second-hand vintage clothes stores in Europe and the United States, and will be priced from 29.99 pounds ($37) to 189 pounds, H&M said.

In November last year, H&M launched a clothing rental service at its Regent Street store.

Peer-to-peer resale of second-hand garments has become big business, with online platforms like thredUP, Vinted, and Depop multiplying and brands following suit by launching their services.

Zara launched its online second-hand service in France last week, having trialed it in Britain since November last year.

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