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House lays out the case against Trump

House lays out the case against Trump

February 3, 2021: Donald Trump must be convicted for being “personally responsible” for the US Capitol’s riot, House Democrats said.

It calls for him to be disqualified from ever running for office again.

Trump’s legal team says that the impeachment article is in “violation” of the US Constitution.

House impeachment managers said the former president’s repeated refusal to concede the election to Biden encouraged the riot.

Before the armed insurrection, thousands of Trump supporters gathered at a “Save America” rally near the White House and heard Trump, who urged them to “fight like hell.”

Impeachment managers plan to use Mr. Trump’s own words and video footage of the riot to say that “the furious crowd” was “primed for violence if he lit a spark.”

“The evidence is clear. When other attempts to overturn the presidential election failed, former President Trump incited an attack on the Capitol,” it reads.

They argue that, although Mr. Trump is no longer in office, the Senate has to act because “a president must answer comprehensively for his conduct in office from his first day in office through his last.”

“This is not a routine corruption charge,” they wrote. “Trump has committed an impeachable offense of historic proportions.”

Unlike in the case of Trump’s first impeachment last year, Democrats have not indicated that they will call any witnesses.

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